Final Fantasy VII Remake shows Aerith might know the events of the original game. This fan theory explains how.

In Final Fantasy VII Remake, Aerith seems to be somehow aware of the events of the original title — and, by extension, her own demise. The question is, how?

A new fan theory posted on FFVII Remake subreddit by user chaos447 suggests the developers might be intending to reveal a direct meta-textual relationship between the remake and its original. The theory posits that Aerith is in communication with her original incarnation via the Lifestream. This fan theory may explain some of the odd comments Aerith makes over the course of Final Fantasy VII Remake.

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What Is the Aerith Theory?

This Final Fantasy VII Remake fan theory argues that the Original Aerith either sent a message to the Remake Aerith or transferred her memories to the new Aerith through the Lifestream. Either way, Aerith is currently aware of the events of the prior game and is making a conscious effort to retroactively avert its pitfalls.

The theory is based on key differences between some of Aerith’s actions in Remake as opposed to the original FFVII. In particular, there are moments leading up to when Midgar’s plate falls over Sector 7 that indicate Aerith knows what will happen. She doesn’t give Cloud a straight answer when he asks if she suspects the plate will fall. On top of that, when talking to Wedge, she urges her to keep fighting onward. This could be read as Aerith simply being encouraging, but it can also be read as Aerith trying something different to alter the events of the narrative.

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Redditor chaos446 also notes that when Aerith communicates with Marlene, Marlene goes from hysterical to controlled way too quickly for it to be natural. They posit that Aerith showed Marlene something to convince her that her future is safe. In addition, Aerith knows Marlene’s name without ever being introduced. She also identifies Cloud as a mercenary by his sword, though she should know that sword belongs to Zack, having dated Zack previously.

Most cryptic of all is how Aerith warns Cloud against falling in love with her, arguing it will only lead Cloud into a world of pain. This might seem like self-sabotaging behavior from someone who has been pursued due to her ancestry all her life, but it also might be a result of Aerith peaking into the future of the game and knowing what will happen.

Ultimately, the theory is that Aerith is trying to stop the previous game’s events to prevent Sephiroth from destroying reality. This is made more apparent when one considers the Whispers.

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How the Whispers and Sephiroth Validate This Aerith Theory

Sephiroth from Final Fantasy VII Remake

Past Aerith interfering with destiny might seem a little far fetched, but Sephiroth has already potentially altered the ending of Final Fantasy VII Remake by changing what happens in Part 1. This is indicated by the Whispers, which are spiritual entities that materialize when someone tries to alter the path of fate.

It’s unclear how Sephiroth knows about the Whispers or his fate from the original game, but it seems he wants to break the passage of time and create a future where he wins. In this theory, Aerith is a counter-weight. Both characters seem to have some knowledge of the previous continuity, and they are working against each other to either break or preserve it, respectively.

Aerith has always been a foil to Sephiroth, so this fan theory seems to hold some water.

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