The new re-release of Super Mario 3D World adds amiibo support, which can radically change how you play the game based on the amiibo you used.

Ever since its launch in 2014 alongside Super Smash Bros for Wii U, Nintendo’s amiibo figure line has been immensely popular. Nearly every major Nintendo release since then has featured some kind of amiibo functionality, granting players access to exclusive in-game content.

The latest game to feature amiibo support, Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury, is a rerelease of the 2013 Wii U game with a new single-player campaign. The game offers something unique for each amiibo, which can really change up how the game plays.

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Cat Mario and Cat Peach

The two newest amiibo to be released alongside Bowser’s Fury are Cat Mario and Cat Peach, based on the Super Bell power-up from 3D World. Scanning the Cat Mario amiibo will grant the player access to the most powerful power-up in the game: White Cat Mario. The White Cat power-up comes with all the traditional Super Bell benefits, but with the added bonus of being completely invincible. White Cat Mario can be very useful when trying to beat a tough level or boss, especially for younger players who are new to the game.

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Cat Peach is less powerful but can still be very useful. Scanning Cat Peach will summon a random power-up that can be used instantly. Even though the player has zero control over what power-up they get, Cat Peach can still be very handy if there are no power-ups available at a specific time. And since all the power-ups in 3D World and tremendously useful, players can’t go wrong with Cat Peach.

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Bowser and Bowser Jr.

In the Bowser’s Fury campaign, Bowser has the ability to transform into Fury Bowser, a giant ink-like monster that appears at random intervals to wreak havoc on the denizens of Lake Lapcat, and it’s up to Mario and Bowser Jr. to stop him. Scanning a Bowser amiibo, whether it be a Mario or Smash Bros. version, allows the player to summon Fury Bowser at will. The ability to summon Fury Bowser is a great way to experience the campaign’s main gimmick much quicker, even if it does defeat the purpose of waiting to find a Cat Shrine.

Bowser Jr., your traveling companion for Bowser’s Fury, also gets an upgrade thanks to amiibo. Scanning a Bowser Jr. Amiibo will give the little monster a powerful shockwave attack that can wipe out enemies very quickly. Though it’s not the most game-changing ability, anything that can make defeating enemies easier is a nice addition.

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Everyone Else

In addition to the amiibo previously mentioned, all other currently available amiibo figures are compatible with 3D World and Bowser’s Fury. Like Cat Peach, a random amiibo will spawn a power-up in the game, except the power-up is more specific. Scanning a Mario series amiibo outside of the Cats and Bowsers will give the player a Star power-up while scanning a random Amiibo will give the player a 1-Up mushroom.

Though this might not seem like much, having access to extra lives is always a good thing to have in a Mario game, and an extra Star can be handy in a pinch. Most importantly, giving functionality to all amiibo is great for those who cannot get the new Cat or Bowser figures. Amiibo figures have always been notoriously hard to find, so giving this to those who might not be able to purchase all the other figures is very inclusive.

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