Although the Naruto anime is one of the most popular, it definitely has some confusing elements. Thankfully this article should help explain them.

The plot of Naruto is long and at times, events can feel so complicated and confusing. The plot twists and grand battles help make Naruto such a wonderful and memorable story but Naruto’s life is shaped by complicated events that happened long before he was even born.

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Naruto seems undaunted by the events happening around him. He firmly believes in his ability to overcome any obstacle and faces every challenge that comes his way while understanding very little about the world around him. There is a lot about Naruto that is confusing for new or casual fans but a lot about Naruto is explained as the series continues.

10 Why Does Sasuke Stay Away From The Village?

Sakura Naruto

Sasuke leaves Konoha in order to become stronger. He spent a long time searching for a way to defeat his brother. When he meets Orochimaru, he finally sees a way to gain the training he is searching for.

Even after the deaths of Orochimaru and Itachi, Sasuke doesn’t return to the village. There is always something keeping him away. He can’t easily return to the village after becoming a missing-nin. His anger also keeps him from returning home.

9 What Happened To The People Kakashi Loved?

In a moment of anger, Sasuke threatens the people Kakashi loved. Sasuke didn’t realize that anyone else could understand his pain. Kakashi had already lost everyone he cared about.

His father committed suicide after the village disagreed with his actions. Every member of Kakashi’s team died. His sensei had died defending the village. He’d had to kill Rin with his own hand. He’d watched Obito supposedly die right in front of him. The pain of Kakashi’s past would be slowly revealed as the series continued.

8 Why The Uchiha Clan Has To Die?

When Sasuke is first introduced, he is seen as a brilliant genius. The pain of his past isn’t revealed until later. Sasuke won’t understand the full extent of his brother’s actions until years after the slaughtering of his clan.

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His clan had grown dissatisfied with the way they had been treated. They had been blamed for the Nine-Tails attack that killed the Fourth Hokage. The Uchiha were planning to try and take over the village. At the time, no one knew who was truly responsible for the attack. Even the Uchiha didn’t know a member of the clan was actually responsible.

7 Why Doesn’t Kakashi Teach Naruto His Special Jutsu?

There was a time Sasuke and Kakashi went off for special training. While they were away, Kakashi taught Sasuke his signature jutsu. Naruto wanted to learn the jutsu as well. Kakashi gave him some half-hearted instruction.

It wouldn’t be revealed until later the jutsu can only be fully utilized by a member of the Uchiha Clan. The jutsu requires the use of the Sharingan. Kakashi can’t teach Naruto the Chidori because Naruto doesn’t have the required kekkei genkai.

6 Why Are Some Jutsu Forbidden?

Kimmimaro Vs Shadow Clones

The first episode of Naruto introduces the idea of forbidden jutsu. Naruto quickly masters the Shadow Clone Jutsu. The jutsu was considered forbidden because of how much chakra is required to use it. Naruto’s impressive chakra reserves help him utilize the technique to its full potential.

There are many reasons a jutsu can be marked as forbidden. A jutsu can be forbidden if it is extremely dangerous to the person using the jutsu, if the jutsu causes a lot of damage, or if the jutsu counteracts the laws of nature.

5 What Happened To The Uzumaki Clan?

Everyone in the show has a clan. Clans are extended families and extremely important in the world of Naruto. Naruto seems to be the only person in his clan. Their absence is never fully explained. Naruto seems to know practically nothing about the clan.

Before the series began, the Uzumaki Clan had been completely destroyed. Naruto had been left all alone. There were only a few scattered members of the Uzumaki Clan left alive.

4 Why Are Young Children Turned Into Jinchuriki?

Naruto and Gaara were both possessed by tailed-beasts from a young age. Both boys had their lives relatively ruined by their status as jinchuriki. They are alienated by the fact that they have these beasts inside them.

Jinchuriki are given special powers by the tailed beasts inside them. People who are jinchuriki are considered assets to their village. Even though Naruto and Gaara are ostracized, their villages would have treated them like weapons.

3 When Does Sasuke Fall In Love With Sakura?

Naruto Shippuden

Sasuke and Sakura’s relationship is the subject of a lot of discussions. On the surface, their relationship doesn’t make a lot of sense. Sakura made it clear that she had feelings about Sasuke from the beginning. Sasuke’s feelings for Sakura are made less clear.

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Sasuke always cared for Sakura and appreciated her. He seems to already have feelings for her by the time he leaves the village She confesses to him and he responds by saying thank you. He doesn’t officially return her feelings until the second time he leaves. Sasuke subtlety shows affection for her throughout the series, though sometimes this is more noticeable in their manga interactions.

2 Why Does Naruto Care So Much About Sasuke?

Sasuke & Naruto's Final Fight

Naruto goes out of his way to try and help his friend. After Sasuke leaves, everything Naruto does is to try and get his friend to return to the village. Naruto and Sasuke’s lives parallel each other in interesting ways. There is a reason Naruto finds Sasuke’s journey so relatable to his own.

Both Naruto and Sasuke had faced ostracization from the village. Both boys had lost their parents and their clans so Naruto is able to relate to Sasuke like no other.

1 Why Doesn’t Naruto Have Anyone?

From the beginning, Naruto’s status as an orphan becomes well-known. He seems to have no friends or family. It looks like there is no one who cares for Naruto. His situation isn’t explained until later.

His parents died when he was a newborn baby, leaving him completely alone—he had no other family to turn to. His dad is eventually revealed to be the Fourth Hokage, who died protecting the village. His mom was weakened by Naruto’s birth and the loss of Kurama.

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