Valheim developers are working to create a fix for a world-destroyer bug that is devastating players. Here’s how to prevent the bug in the meantime.

Newly released Viking survival game Valheim has been the latest trend on Twitch. Like with many other survival games, Valheim is hard and requires a bit of a grind, but it’s all worth it when taking into account the game’s co-op gameplay, fun base-building mechanics and intense combat.

Unfortunately, the game is currently plagued by a World-Destroying Bug that shocked many Valheim players and the game developers. Picture this: players spend hours in Valheim enjoying the game to the fullest, and then their world gets deleted, along with their character. This bug was definitely a surprise for everyone, and that efforts to fix it are underway. Until then, here are some temporary preventative measures players can take to protect their Valheim worlds from going kaput.

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The first and most important thing to do is for players to back up their Valheim game files. This includes the world file, character, and anything else that the bug would otherwise erase. This does not mean just simply saving the world or making a save file or anything like that. What players may have to do to be certain to keep their Valheim playthrough intact is to create a separate folder on their hard drives and make copies of the program files.

For those who understand how to locate program files, here’s the shorthand for the steps to take: C:UsersUsernameAppDataLocalLowIronGateValheim. This method is actually practiced with another survival game, Minecraft, especially when players play the game on Hardcore Mode.

To access Valheim‘s files, go into the hard drive where the game files were installed (usually the main C: drive). Click on “Users,” then the “Username” folder associated with the device the game is installed on. Next, click on the “AppData” folder. If you have installed multiple games on your device, there may be multiple folders titled “AppData,” in which case you’ll have to click each one and locate which folder is associated with Valheim. The AppData folder that belongs to Valheim will have a folder named “LocalLow,” and then within that is a folder named “IronGate,” the name of the developing company. Finally, within this will be a folder titled “Valheim” containing all of the important game files and/or saves.

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All of the game files (which include the world save and the player’s character) need to be copied into another folder. The easiest place to put this new folder will be on the desktop so that it’s easily located and accessible should players run into the Valheim bug. However, to be extra secure, players can make another copy onto another hard drive. That way, if the main hard drive or device fails for whatever reason, Valheim is safe. Other alternative methods include the use of cloud storage services such as Google Drive, which has a free tier linked with Gmail accounts. Valheim game files can be uploaded onto these free storage spaces to remain safe from the World-Destroying Bug.


Finally, make sure you’re keeping in contact with other players and devs about the bug. Valheim has an official Discord server where players can voice any concerns or insights. It is a good place to chat or connect with other players and developers. Since the patch for this bug is a work in progress, players sharing their experiences encountering the bug may help the developers fix the issue sooner. You can also pop into Valheim‘s official social media pages like Facebook or follow the developers’ Twitter accounts for news. Even reading the Steam game updates will help prepare players for what to do before or after suffering the World-Destroying Bug effects.

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