Is Valorant too slow for you? The newly added Escalation mode, reminiscent of the classic Gun Game may be exactly what you’re looking for.

The popular team shooter Valorant has released a new limited-time game mode for players to explore. Escalation Mode, which is currently live in-game, is Valorant’s take of the classic FPS Gun Game mode. While players who are familiar with Call of Duty or Counter-Strike will understand the metrics behind this game mode, Valorant boasts its own twists.

The new mode retains the game’s regular 5v5 teams as they both race through 12 Escalation levels. The first team to reach to final level or highest level by the end of the 10-minute match wins the Escalation. While the classic gun game runs as solos, Valorant’s team mode brings a new challenge to the event. Each player on the team contributes to leveling up; however, you will need to get at least one kill with the gun provided before moving to the next.

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Each Escalation level has its own specific weapon or agent ability that rotates with each match. The first level rotates between Raze’s ultimate Showstopper, her rocket launcher, and either the Vandal or the Phantom. Level 2 is always either the Vandal or Phantom, and moving into levels 3-11 are a mixed mag of weapons and abilities. Saved for the final level 12 are the Shorty, Classic, Knife, Short Dart or the Snowball Launcher, which made its first appearance in Valorant’s winter deathmatch, Snowball Fight.

Teams must earn 7 points on each level to advance to the next one. A kill with the gun on the team’s current level earns 1 point, while a kill with a gun on a lower level earns .5. This is how teams will still be able to advance through levels when individual players get stuck on a gun. However, it’s up to the individual to level up their own gun. For example, if your team was currently on Level 4 and you were stuck on Level 1 trying to get your first kill, you will move up to Level 2 upon getting a kill and not join your team at 4.

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Fast respawns are in play, so players are back in the fight to help their team, and every death drops a health pack to keep Agents going. Keep in mind, however, that these health packs will disappear after 10 seconds. Games in this mode are expected to last between 7 and 9 minutes, expiring at 10. There are no Agent-specific abilities based on character choice, and everyone in the match will have the same abilities and guns on certain levels.

The Escalation mode is a great warm-up to various agent abilities and guns that players may not usually rock. It’s also a great time to farm more XP as 800 XP is awarded for playing a match and an extra 200 is added for the winning team. The Escalation mode will not be around for long so be sure to check it out while you can.

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