Just about everyone in Naruto is a ninja, with the show revolving around their training and missions. The main characters make their livings serving their villages as shinobi. If they had to abandon their careers, they would all be able to transition to different career paths that would suit them just as well.

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The characters could choose to enter into another career field or pioneer a new field in their village. Konoha is full of jobs, many of which go unexplored. The world of Naruto has many options for careers. Though the story mostly covers the main characters’ lives as ninja, they could have chosen a different career path.

12 Shino As A Bee Keeper

Shino loves working with his insects, breeding and caring for them with great splendor. He would do well as bee keeper, harvesting honey. The job would be a lot more relaxing than working as a ninja.

Shino became a teacher when he got older, but he was never well-known for his ability to communicate with people. As a bee keeper, he wouldn’t have to interact with people very often. His expertise with insects could help him work with bees.

11 Rock Lee As A Personal Trainer

Rock Lee enjoys working out and trains hard to be the best ninja he can be. While he isn’t good at ninjutsu or genjutsu, his skills with taijutsu are fantastic. He remains incredibly fit and has a positive outlook on life.

He would be great at working with people to help them achieve their fitness goals. His positive energy would be a great motivation, and his willingness to push himself would help him relate to others.

10 Shikamaru As A Banker

Shikamaru is a fantastic strategist. He has the ability to outthink those around him. Shikamaru would do well in an industry that would utilize his mind power. His genius would translate well into the financial sector.

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He could take up work as a banker, helping those around him plan out their finances. Shikamaru could make a fortune following stock statistics and could definitely help others succeed in the world of finance.

9 Gaara As A Metal Worker

Gaara became something of a politician, taking over his father’s old job. He isn’t known for his people skills, but he has improved his people skills as he got older. Though perhaps he would be more comfortable working away from people.

As a metal worker, he could cast fences, shields, and weapons. His skills would be important and useful. He would also be able to work away from the public, and since some metal casters use sand to make molds, his skills with sand would come in handy.

8 Ino As A Perfumer

ino glaring naruto

Ino seems to enjoy being somewhat fashionable. Anything in the beauty industry would suit her. She would do well working as a fashion designer, jeweler, or hairstylist.

Her family owns a flower shop, so she has experience working with them. As a medical ninja, she is also well versed in medicinal herbs. Her knowledge of plants would help her understand how to blend different scents together. She could launch her own perfume line, selling her own signature scents.

7 Choji As A Taste Tester

Nobody loves food as much as Choji. He enjoys eating more than anything else in life, and seems incredibly well versed in distinguishing different tastes from one another.

If he couldn’t work as a ninja, he would make an excellent taste tester. He could work reviewing restaurants or helping to refine recipes. With his help, the Leaf Village could become well-known for their exquisite food. Choji’s love for food could serve his village very well.

6 Hinata As A Chef

Hinata is known for her cooking skills. In Part 1, Naruto complements Hinata’s cooking skills. He seems genuinely impressed by the delicious food she can make. Her cooking skills will likely improve as she gets older.

Hinata demonstrates a love for eating when she wins an eating competition. Her skills in the kitchen would make her an excellent chef. She could even open her own restaurant.

5 Sai As An Art Instructor

Naruto Sai Smiling With Ino

Sai’s drawing skills are often used when he’s in battle. He seems to really enjoy art and drawing. He could become a world-famous artist or teach art skills to a new generation.

In Boruto, he shows his abilities to council his own son when Inojin is having trouble with his own art. His ability to encourage the art skills of children could help them become better artists.

4 Kakashi As A Teacher

Naruto Kakashi

Even as a ninja, Kakashi was also a teacher. As the leader of Team 7, it was his job to help Sasuke, Naruto, and Sakura become the best ninja they could be. He was often shown instructing them on how to improve their skills.

If he chose to step down as a ninja, he could continue working as an instructor. His off-beat humor and ability to relate to those around him would serve him well in the classroom. He could help teach an entire generation of Konoha youths.

3 Sakura As A Magician

Sakura has a difficult job as a medical ninja. She works as a doctor, helping those who are sick and injured. She has to be quick with her hands to help heal those around her.

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Sasuke complements her abilities with genjutsu, meaning she’s good with illusions. If she ever decided working in the medical field was too stressful, she might find being a magician slightly more relaxing. With her fast hands and specialty with illusions, she could put on a really entertaining magic show.

2 Sasuke As A Security Guard

Sasuke is incredibly skilled as a ninja, always pushing himself to improve his skills. He seems to have little interest in anything outside of a fight. Sasuke would work well as a police officer, bodyguard, or security guard.

He would probably prefer to work in solitude to some degree. Sasuke’s skills would serve him well as a security guard or some similar job field. Sasuke has excellent fighting skills as well as an impressive ability to observe and protect.

1 Naruto As A Therapist

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Naruto seems to possess an almost supernatural ability to relate to people when he’s talking. With his dark past, he is able to relate to others who have suffered as a result of things they have been through.

Naruto’s ability to talk to people would serve him well as a therapist. He can relate to people and appeal to their better natures. Naruto could really help people become better versions of themselves.

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