In an advance clip from Syfy’s animated series Devil May Care, the Devil is called to Earth and leaves an American President in charge of Hell.

One of the latest additions to Syfy’s late-night animation programming block TZGZ is Devil May Care, featuring a millennial suddenly recruited by the literal Devil to become Hell’s social media manager.

In an exclusive sneak peek at animated series’ latest episode, the Devil (Alan Tudyk) decides to take some time away from his demonic duties and passes Hell’s reins to President William McKinley in his absence. A frustrated McKinley is seen explaining to Hell’s social media manager Beans that the Devil is frequently summoned to Earth because of the sheer number of humans looking for a hellish favor on Earth.

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As McKinley and Gloria observe to a hapless Beans, when the agreement for the Devil to appear on Earth for those eager to sell their souls was first struck, there were barely any humans around. Millennia later, the Devil can scarcely have a moment’s peace before being called away. McKinley notes Hell is in good hands with him before he is instantly refuted by a nuclear blast in the distance.

Announced this past July, Devil May Care features an all-star voice cast mixing millennial workplace humor and naïveté with the fiery premise of having the Prince of Darkness as one’s boss.

Created and executive produced by Douglas Goldstein, TZGZ’s Devil May Care stars Alan Tudyk as Devil, Asif Ali as Beans, Fred Tatasciore as President McKinley, Pamela Adlon as Regina and Stephanie Beatriz as Gloria. The series airs new episodes on Saturdays at 12 am EST on Syfy.

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