The Emissaries Three are the gods of the Grid, but what happened to these all-powerful beings? And will we see them again?

In BOOM! Studios Mighty Morphin Power Rangers series by writer Ryan Parrott, colorists Walter Baiamonte and Daniele Ienuso and letterer Ed Dukeshire; one of the many interesting — and in this case mysterious — elements introduced was the existence of The Emissaries Three. Their story was told through variant comics that, when assembled and read together, formed a short story that complimented the events taking place in the main series.

The Emissaries Three are cosmic beings that exist inside the morphing grid (the place where all Power Rangers get their powers from) monitoring it and ensuring it remains intact. They exist outside of time, meaning they monitor the grid for all Rangers, from the original Mighty Morphin team to the future of Time Force and beyond. They are not human, referring to humans as “mortals” and are also genderless, seen by how they not only shift between different gendered Ranger forms but in how they can change the gender of individual Ranger forms at will.

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The Emissaries Three represent the Morphin Masters, in doing so they take on the appearance of the three primary Ranger colors that have appeared in almost every iteration of the team — Red, Blue and Yellow. The form they take is constantly shifting, taking on the form of any Ranger of their adopted color in Power Rangers history. This often results in an appearance that is an amalgam of more than one Ranger form.

During the events of “Shattered Grid”, the Emissaries Three were contacted by Zordon. Zordon asked the Emissaries to sever Lord Drakkon‘s connection to the Morphin Grid, but they refused. Lord Drakkon later entered the Morphin Grid and stole the Heart of the Morphin Master, which led to the destruction of the multiverse and the creation of his own world where he was the ruler. After this incident, the Emissaries Three set out to monitor the Grid and ensure that something like this could never happen again.

Whilst the Red and Yellow Emissaries were still against interfering directly, the Blue Emissary disagreed. This led the Blue Emissary to form the Omega Rangers. This was a team made up of the former Mighty Morphin Rangers Jason, Zack and Trini. The Blue Emissary sent these Rangers on missions to capture those who could draw power from the Morphin Grid through leaks in the Grid, trying to ensure that what happened with Lord Drakkon would never happen again.

One of these individuals powered by the Grid, a woman named Kiya, would gain the Blue Emissary’s trust and be made the Blue Omega Ranger. However, Kiya was eventually driven insane, believing that all those who could access the Morphin Grid, even Rangers, were a threat and had to die. This belief led her to kill the Blue Emissary.

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But what happened to the other two Emissaries? Shortly after the death of the Blue Emissary at the hands of Kiya, the Red Emmisary decides to look for Lord Drakkon. During the Red Emissary’s search, they were killed by an unidentified figure. As for the Yellow Emissary, their fate is unknown but as the final Emissary standing, they are now the sole representative of the Morphin Masters in the Grid.

This means the Yellow Emissary is the only thing stopping someone from claiming the Heart of the Morphin Master like Lord Drakkon did before and cause untold damage to the Power Rangers Multiverse. For this reason, the Yellow Emissary will likely appear once more. Perhaps when they do, we will see what has become of the Grid with only one Emissary left standing, what untold damage this could do to it, and the effect that it has on all of the Power Rangers.

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