Jedi Master Agen Kolar’s lightsaber carries a unique feature whose origins are tied to a terrible Star Wars tragedy.

The prequel era of Star Wars has offered up countless stories about characters that were fleshed out primarily through other forms of media. One such character is Jedi Master Agen Kolar. Originally, Kolar was meant to be a character named Eeth Koth from The Phantom Menace. However, they looked so different from one another that the creators ended up making Kolar his own character. Much like other Jedi, he carries with him a unique and tragic story.

When it comes to the Jedi, their lightsabers are their greatest tool and asset they have. From the moment they obtain their kyber crystal, a lightsaber is a physical representation of growth. Sadly, growth is not something that happens for every young Padawan. During the battle of Geonosis in Attack of the Clones, Kolar’s apprentice, Tan Yuster, was killed in battle. The loss was a huge blow to Kolar and he decided to keep Yuster’s legacy alive in his own way.

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Following the death of his padawan, Agen Kolar’s lightsaber became a one-of-a-kind weapon for the era. This was due to his hilt containing two kyber crystals: green for himself and blue to commemorate his fallen apprentice. The new color had no tactical advantage but the crystal itself harbors a sad secret. The blue crystal was taken directly from Yuster’s hilt following his death.

For the rest of the Clone Wars, Kolar would fight with two crystals in his saber. He would vary between the two colors from time to time, but there was never any explanation as to why. The crystal itself served as a visual reminder to always cherish what you have because it could be taken at any moment. However, while the memento is touching, it is also somewhat dark.

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There were many things that the Jedi kept from one another but one of the most important rules that they all followed was to never form attachments as it could lead anyone on a path to the Dark Side. With that knowledge, the choice for Kolar to keep his padawan’s crystal is a bit macabre as it shows a blatant attachment for his young apprentice and would have risked him taking a descent into evil. It has also never been confirmed whether or not the Jedi had told the others, though it could be assumed at least a few knew.

Agen Kolar used his dual crystal lightsaber up until the point of his death, right before the fall of the Republic. He, Seasee Tiin, Kit Fisto and Mace Windu attempted to arrest Chancellor Palpatine for crimes against the senate. However, Kolar and Tiin were no match for the Emperor who swiftly killed the two in cold blood. The tragic irony is that Kolar fell with his apprentice’s blade ignited.

Master Kolar’s decision to keep his apprentice’s lightsaber crystal is just one of the many stories and mysteries that the Jedi of the Republic kept to themselves. While the sentiment could be seen as dark, it could also be seen that Tan Yuster was by his master’s side throughout all of the Clone Wars and protected him until his death. Agen Kolar’s memento serves as an example of how deep the bonds between masters and apprentices can be.

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