Nintendo has announced many new and experimental games featuring beloved characters. It proves the company may be returning to its unique past.

Nintendo is no stranger to creating the unexpected. This can primarily be seen in many of their games and consoles from the past couple of decades. However, over the past few years, the company has played it relatively safe in terms of the content it has been producing. The most recent Nintendo Direct showed a lot of content coming in the next couple of years, and none of it was expected.

Nintendo has always created games that make players raise an eyebrow. In the early years, games like Sonic and Mario at the Olympics were some of the most unique titles to be released at the time. However, games like Ring Fit Adventure show that they haven’t completely stopped making experimental games, just remained dormant. Now it looks like that volcano is about to erupt.

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Variety can be found in the strangest of places at Nintendo. Sometimes it is in gameplay, and other times it is in the story itself. New Pokémon Snap is a return to the classic game from the Nintendo 64. It features updated characters and graphics but still keeps the same premise of capturing the best pictures of Pokémon. It’s a massive departure from what the company has been releasing lately but would be far from the last of them.

Fans are used to seeing Mario doing other activities aside from saving the Mushroom Kingdom. However, one thing he hasn’t done in almost ten years is played golf. In that time, he has had new and anniversary titles release along with appearances in Super Smash Bros. and Mario Kart. With his sporty return in Mario Golf Super Rush, it symbolizes that Nintendo is ready to return to a more relaxing era for the character and his games.

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Nintendo has also decided to get creative with another concept that fans haven’t seen in years. Miitopia takes the Nintendo avatars that players created on the Wii and brings them back for an all-new adventure. It’s a massive departure from the norm for the franchise but reveals the possibilities for the game and the very near future of the company.

Miitopia represents the first step to a concept with experimental games that is rarely touched on. With so many unique titles coming out for fan-favorite Nintendo characters, Miitopia offers a chance to use original characters and ideas to implement strange and unique gameplay concepts. Whether this could mean the return of rhythm games with the Switch or something else entirely remains to be seen.

Nintendo has never stopped changing how games see the world of video games. While experimental titles aren’t new, it will be something that younger generations haven’t experienced before. Nintendo has shown that there will always be a place for new ideas. Because of that, there will always be an opportunity to create new and weird stories that will be remembered for years.

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