In King in Black, the symbiote god Knull has brought Earth to its knees, and one of the MCU’s brightest stars even fell under his sway.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for King in Black: Black Panther #1 by Geoffrey Thorne, German Peralta, Jesus Aburtov & VC’s Joe Sabino, on sale now.

As the King in Black crossover envelops the Marvel Universe, Knull drew several of Earth’s mightiest heroes under his sway. He took the strongest willed in Captain America and turned him into a symbiote beast and captured some of the X-Men and Avengers alike. Only a few, such as Daredevil, found a way to break his hold.

As King in Black: Black Panter #1 proves, not even the purest characters in the Marvel Universe can withstand the pull of Knull. The demonic dark god attacked Wakanda, and T’Challa had to briefly sacrifice his own little sister Shuri to Knull to bring the symbiote god’s attack to an end.

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Black Panther Shuri symbiote

Black Panther had already lost Storm in the battle with Knull. In Wakanda, he watched several of his warriors fall victim to the symbiotes, and he realized he needed to take heed of the advice his father gave him years before. T’Challa knew he needed to sacrifice his own people to save them, and he realized that he needed to unleash a beast to stop a god that was as powerful as the Phoenix Force itself. Black Panther put his plan into motion, lost his sister and then beat back a god, proving that Wakanda was the most powerful nation on Earth.

Shuri studied the attack and knew she needed to calculate everything precisely if she wanted to help save her land. Even as Okoye stressed about how many people they had lost, Shuri knew the math was not on their side, and it was time they ran, regrouped and tried to find a way to win. However, T’Challa arrived and said there was always another way. He asked Shuri to open the Prototype Vault for him and had Okoye join him. He then asked Shuri to lead the people to shelters and told Okoye she would pilot the Hand of Bast.

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Symbiote Dragon in Black Panther

Shuri did what was asked when she saw the symbiote dragon infecting people at a rapid pace. Shuri and Okoye trusted T’Challa and prepared for action. However, Shuri fell fast. T’Challa immediately raised the shield, trapping the attacking symbiote dragon in Wakanda, and then set Okoye loose on the symbiote with the Hand of Bast. Shuri then showed up, infected by the symbiote, and attacked her brother, blaming him for letting Knull take her. T’Challa was ready and used Klaw’s sonic emitter to blow a hole in the wall and jumped into the fight himself. As it turns out, he never intended the barrier to be a shield but an amplifier and fired the sonic emitter into the sky, the sound destroying the symbiote dragon almost instantly.

While heroes like Tony Stark, Reed Richards, Eddie Brock and Spider-Man might sit around trying to figure out how to deal with Knull’s primary attack, Black Panther sat down and worked out how to stop the symbiote dragon and drive Knull from Wakanda’s borders, opening the skies once again. Remembering a lesson from his father, that he was small and outnumbered, he understood the unique tactical and technological advantages that Wakanda brings.

T’Challa proved that he could stand and that Wakanda, regardless of the odds, would never fall in defeat. In a matter of minutes, Knull took Shuri and had Wakanda on its heels, and just as fast, Black Panther stood and took back his country, the way he always has.

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