WandaVision is taking things to new places and there are many storylines that could follow. However, there are just as many that probably won’t.

Many Marvel movie fans thought that the Marvel Cinematic Universe would have lost a lot of steam due to the pandemic. After all, it has put so much of the world and promised media on hold. While the Black Widow film and more MCU plans have been constantly pushed back due to the closure of theaters, the series of movies has actually picked up more steam than ever.

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The hit Disney+ show, WandaVision, is currently taking things to new places and making fans think of a future of the MCU they’ve never thought of before. There are many storylines that could follow. However, there are just as many that probably won’t.

10 Will Happen Soon: The Birth of the Young Avengers has been soft-confirmed in WandaVision

One thing that WandaVision has most likely soft-confirmed is that the Young Avengers team will definitely be appearing in the cinematic world of Marvel.

This team features many younger heroes of the Marvel Universe, many of whom have connections to the older heroes of the series. Two members of this team are Speed and Wiccan, Wanda’s twin sons who are currently in Wandavision.

9 Will Never Happen: One More Day is quite possibly the worst Spider-Man story of the bunch

one more day

One storyline that absolutely no Marvel fan asked for or enjoyed is “One More Day,” quite possibly the worst Spider-Man story of the bunch and a huge disappointment for fans everywhere.

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“One More Day” was a result of the Civil War and Iron Man basically pressuring Peter to unmask himself to the world which led to the death of Aunt May. Spider-Man ends up making a deal with the devil, Mephisto, to reboot the Marvel Universe.

8 Will Happen Soon: Leaks, rumors, & theories have been running rampant when it comes to the Spider-Verse

One very obvious Marvel storyline that will be receiving a live-action adaptation is the Spider-Man Spider-Verse series. Leaks, rumors, and theories have been running rampant when it comes to this.

Not only have old Spider-Man actors, Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire, been speculated to be returning to a Marvel movie set, but many alternate universe theories and even WandaVision scenes are pointing to some kind of multiverse collision.

7 Will Never Happen: Ultimatum was to be the end of everything & marked the death of many Marvel characters

One storyline that will absolutely never make its way to the MCU is the horrid Ultimate Marvel giant event, “Ultimatum.” This event was to be the end of everything and marked the death of many Marvel characters.

The reason this event was so bad is that it was one of the edgiest things to ever happen in Marvel. Senseless gore and death just served to shock fans and ended up turning everyone off.

6 Will Happen Soon: the actor for Kang’s Arrival has already been selected in Lovecraft Country star, Jonathan Majors

kang marvel

Another thing that the birth of Wanda’s twins basically confirms is the arrival of the time-traveling ruler, Kang the Conquerer. This is due to one younger version of Kang being a member of the Young Avengers in Iron Lad.

Not only does this soft-confirmation marks Kang’s appearance in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but the actor for Kang has already been selected in Lovecraft Country star, Jonathan Majors.

5 Will Never Happen: Secret Empire has no room for a future in the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Another storyline that most likely has no room for a future in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is the “Secret Empire.” This isn’t due to the series being controversial, but because it’s covered ground.

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Many times now has the MCU gone over the “Can you trust them?” storyline as well as tackling Hydra and the end of Captain America already. This leaves no room for an evil Captain America unless the films bring him from the alternate universe collision coming up.

4 Will Happen Soon: Avengers vs X-Men could be the next Civil War


Despite how poorly received it was, it is entirely possible that the “Avengers vs X-Men” storyline could be the next Civil War coming up in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

WandaVision seems like it could be setting up the relationship of the “unstable” mutant-kind and the armed forces of humanity. It’s possible that this could lead to conflict between mutants and the Avengers before coming to an understanding.

3 Will Never Happen: Captain Marvel’s characterization in the MCU is too different than the one from the comics for Civil War II to take place

civil war 2

Another very poorly received series is the Marvel Civil War II. However, unlike the Avengers vs X-Men, this series most likely won’t be brought to the big screen.

The reason is that Civil War is already covered ground, and the characterization of Captain Marvel in the comics is rather poor while the MCU’s version of her is of the perfect hero.

2 Will Happen Soon: it would make a lot of sense for the Annihilation storyline to be brought up next


One space arc that will probably be including the hero Captain Marvel is the amazing Marvel Cosmic event, “Annihilation.”

There has been a lot of talk of Richard Rider, aka Nova, showing up soon in the MCU. With the entire Nova Corps dead due to Thanos’s attack, it would make a lot of sense for this to be brought up next.

1 Will Never Happen: DC vs Marvel would take too much paperwork

Many fans have no clue that DC Comics and Marvel have officially clashed on more than one occasion. Lucky for them, these crossovers were quite bad and probably won’t be coming to screens.

This isn’t due to the crossovers being horrid, but more so due to the fact that it would take a bit too much paperwork for both companies and every film studio to get on board.

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