The mutants are eventually coming to the MCU, and while the X-Men have been done to death, X-Factor might be the best way to bring them in.

Eventually, Marvel’s mutants will return to the big screen. However, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has kept its plans close to the vest. There is a Fantastic Four movie coming, and one has to think the MCU is waiting for a specific time to reveal the X-Men’s return, but the X-Factor team might be the better option for mutantkind’s entry into the MCU.

There have been 10 movies featuring the X-Men or Wolverine from Fox, and that property does not have the best reputation after the franchise’s last two entries. It might be best for the MCU to bring back mutants, but not start with the X-Men themselves. The New Mutants got a movie with less than stellar reviews, and Fox made X-Force look like jokes with a comical appearance in Deadpool 2.

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It might be time to put the X-Men on hold and introduce the mutants to the MCU through an X-Factor series on Disney+. Everyone knows about Wolverine, Cyclops, Jean Grey, Professor X and Magneto. They have been done to death with their repeat appearances in the Fox films. However, a massive world of mutant heroes waits for movie fans to discover, and X-Factor presents the perfect story to bring countless new mutants into the MCU.

X-Men Movie Team

When X-Factor first started in Marvel Comics in 1986 by Bob Layton and Jackson Guice, the team consisted of heroes saving mutants in danger wherever they were needed. Forget about the original members, though, because there have been fresh faces filling roles in reams throughout the years. They posed as mutant hunters, but this was a front for their real goals of saving mutants from humans who hate and fear them. X-Factor found these mutants, hiding and scared, and brought them in to help train and protect. This is likely to be the situation when mutants arrive in the MCU.

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If the mutants show up suddenly from out of nowhere, there is every reason to think ordinary people will fear them. A team like X-Factor called in to “protect” the public from mutants while actually being there to save them would placate human fears and protect the new mutants. The team could introduce several fresh faces to the MCU as the team’s members and the mutants they save. This could even lead to saving an important young mutant that the MCU can build its new franchise around, similar to Rogue in the original X-Men movies.

The team could include members of X-Factor from recent years, new characters for the movie world. Northstar (the current leader in Marvel Comics) and Multiple Man (who led the team before) could be members. This would introduce Northstar to the world of movies and reintroduce Jamie Madrox, who was criminally misused in X-Men: The Last Stand. The team could include Northstar’s sister Aurora, Siryn, Prodigy, Polaris, Daken and maybe even someone famous like Gambit to sell it to non-comic book fans.

As a Disney+ series, this would also give fans a better chance of getting to know the characters than a movie could. On top of introducing a new world of mutants for fans to fall in love with, it could also present a new form of bad guy that X-Men movies rarely touched on. Most of the recent X-Men movies have seen the mutants trying to save the world, whether from Apocalypse, Phoenix, or a future where Sentinels destroyed everyone.

One of the villains that the Fox X-Men movies seemed to be leading to was Mister Sinister. His company was involved in the cloning storylines in Logan and the prison hospital that the New Mutants found themselves trapped in. With Sinister, his targets are always mutants that he can manipulate, use and clone, and with X-Factor as a team that saves mutants, it can create a world in the MCU where they can focus on mutant-targeting threats rather than global threats. With a new focus and fresh mutants in the lineup, X-Factor is the best choice to lead the new mutants into the MCU.

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