In Star Wars, there were many clues regarding who removed Kamino from the Jedi archives, but the suspect was never confirmed in canon.

During Star Wars: Attack of The Clones, Obi-Wan Kenobi is sent to investigate the attempt on Senator Padmé Amidala’s life, which ultimately leads him to the planet Kamino — the place where the dart used in Amidala’s assassination attempt was made. During his investigation, Kenobi discovers that the planet was deleted from the Jedi Archives, which remained an unsolved mystery following the Jedi’s trip to Kamino. While the culprit was never officially revealed in canon, a story in Legends asserts that Count Dooku deleted the files, confirming the suspicion of many fans.

After meeting with an old friend Dexter Jettster at a diner on Coruscant, Kenobi learns about the planet Kamino in the outer rim. His exploration of the archives omit the planet, but the maps show stars gravitating around an empty cosmic mass where Kamino is supposed to be. Yoda and his younglings come to the conclusion that the archives were tampered with and suggest that Kenobi travel to the empty mass’ coordinates to confirm Kamino’s existence.

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While on Kamino, Kenobi learns that Jedi Master Sifo-Dyas commissioned the Kaminoans to create a clone army, which would serve the interests of the Galactic Republic. During his conversation with Prime Minister Lama Su, Kenobi is shocked to learn that Sifo-Dyas commissioned the clones. Despite his discovery that Jango Fett was behind Amidala’s assassination attempt, the mystery surrounding Kamino’s omission from the archives goes unaddressed in future films. According to George Lucas’ audio commentary in Revenge of the Sith, this plot point was ultimately scrapped to help focus on Anakin’s development.

The closest that the canon gets to solving Kamino’s disappearance from the archives is the season 6 episode of The Clone Wars “The Lost One,” which reveals what happened to Sifo-Dyas and how he came into contact with the Kaminoan cloners. A former member of the Jedi High Council, Sifo-Dyas believed that the Galactic Republic was inching closer to war, which led him to push for the development of the Grand Army of The Republic. These views ultimately caused Sifo-Dyas to be removed from his position on the council and forced him to work with the Kaminoans in secret.

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Count Dooku's Curved Hilt Lightsaber

As the Kaminoans began work on this army, Sifo-Dyas was sent on a mission by Supreme Chancellor Valorum to deal with the Pyke Syndicate. In “The Lost One” a member of the syndicate tells Anakin Skywalker and Kenobi that they were paid to shoot down Sifo-Dyas’ ship by a man named Darth Tyrannus. During the episode, Darth Tyrannus reveals himself as Dooku and confirms the truth about who commissioned the clone army. While the Jedi Council ponders why their enemy created an army to help the Republic, Yoda believes that it is the work of the Dark Lord of the Sith and that the Jedi must “play his game.” Although the episode suggests that Dooku was the one to remove Kamino from the archives, it was never outright confirmed.

Despite its omission from canon, the Legends novel Star Wars: Labyrinth of Evil by James Lucino confirms that Dooku removed the planet from the archives. During a conversation with Yoda, Kenobi ponders if Sifo-Dyas deleted the planet from the archive and therefore the real Darth Tyrannus. Yoda confirms that Sifo-Dyas died before Jango Fett reached Kamino, meaning that the only culprit left was Dooku. “A theory I have—nothing more. Murder, Dooku committed. Then, from the Jedi archives erased Kamino, he did. Of that tampering, proof Master Jocasta Nu found—proof of Dooku’s action, though well concealed it was,” Yoda explained.

By removing Kamino from the archives, Dooku was able to hide the work he hijacked from Sifo-Dyas and create a clone army that would one day serve the Sith. This allowed him and Darth Sidious to push the Kaminoans to install inhibitor chips in the clones, ultimately forcing them to obey Order 66. While this omission may seem like a small detail, it ultimately allowed Darth Sidious’ to hide the fact he was undermining the Republic from the inside.

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