Even with Marvel’s Avengers’ diminishing player base, Hawkeye’s addition and his massive wardrobe should be enough to keep players engaged.

Hawkeye’s introduction into Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics’ superhero game Marvel’s Avengers is full of fan service. Clint Barton has his own wardrobe of unique and varied outfits that not only look cool, but feature great nods to the Violet Archer’s classic comic book appearances. While there’s no shortage of palette swaps and alternate colors for every outfit, here are a few Hawkeye costumes that stand out as truly unique.

Of course, Square Enix has gotten into hot water over its cosmetics recently. Marvel’s Avengers is still struggling to find its footing post-release, which is exemplified by both the game’s slip-ups and successes. With a bright content roadmap ahead, there is reason to be hopeful, though. Plus, with how great the following Hawkeye costumes are, clearly a lot of passion is being continually poured into the game.

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This is Hawkeye’s default outfit, which all players will start with when playing as him (and probably the one most people will change out of). A tactical-looking spy suit not dissimilar from Black Widow’s, it includes various practical features such as pockets and hooks for grappling latches, as well as a tunic vest that looks as if it was made with Kevlar. This is fitting for the more faux-realistic uniforms the Avengers are wearing for this title.

Day Off

Appropriately named for its casual and simplistic look, this outfit is simply Clint Barton in a tee shirt and jeans. Clint actually wears a similar outfit in Matt Fraction and David Aja’s Hawkeye solo comic series. Usually, Clint wears this in different colors and variations, but the target pattern logo is a frequent sight. In fact, he wears casual and improvised outfits far more often than any of his colorful Avengers uniforms. As indicated by the bandages around his arms and the injuries sustained, Hawkeye’s mostly wearing this because he’s been caught off-guard on his break.

Iron Eye

This is an odd one, as it doesn’t appear to be based on any existing outfit from the comics or any existing media featuring Hawkeye. It seems to be an original creation, which implies that Tony Stark has created protective armor for every Avenger willing to wear it. It makes perfect sense for someone like Clint Barton who, beyond his near-superhuman aim and coordination, is just a normal man fighting superpowered villains.

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Possibly the most desirable alternate outfit for Hawkeye, this costume is a clear reference to his identity as the ninja known as Ronin. Clint took this name when he joined the New Avengers on Earth-616. As Ronin, Clint demonstrated his skill in stealth and subterfuge, as well as a mastery over several weapons fitting for a ninja of his caliber. As Ronin, Clint would still occasionally use his bow and naturally prove to still be a crack shot with it.

Time Lost

This is a fairly outlandish outfit that almost makes Hawkeye look like he came right out of ancient Rome or a Mad Max-style apocalyptic future. Either of those would make the Time Lost moniker quite appropriate. Considering Clint’s story in Marvel’s Avengers revolves around an adaptation of the time-traveling Future Imperfect storyline from the Incredible Hulk comics (with Maestro as the main antagonist), it makes sense to add a costume like this one.


This is one for nostalgic fans, as it is a somewhat faithful recreation of Hawkeye’s default outfit that he’s worn often in the decades that he’s been in publication. While rather silly-looking even back then, there is a certain amount of classic superhero flair that continues to charm fans of Silver Age comic books. The iteration seen in Marvel’s Avengers attempts to mute the outfit’s goofier features by giving Clint sleeves and adding the darker colors, but it comes off as a dishonest attempt at seeming cool rather than embracing the camp.

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Old Man

This costume is heavily based on Clint’s appearance from the beloved alternate timeline Wolverine storyline, Old Man Logan, which was adapted into the hit film Logan. In that story, the elderly Clint Barton is one of Logan’s only friends and a shell of his former self. Despite being blind, the man once known as Hawkeye is still a crack-shot. He relies on his hearing to pinpoint enemy locations, which is a departure from the mainstream 616 comics, where Hawkeye is famously deaf in one ear.


This aptly-named Hawkeye’s outfit is based on his appearance in the Ultimate Universe of comic books, where he was a member of Nick Fury’s elite government super-team, The Ultimates. Many aspects of the Ultimate Universe have inspired parts of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, particularly in aesthetics. As such, the more practical and tactical-looking update to Hawkeye’s costume has bled into mainstream media and even into the 616 comics.

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