In the latest issue of The Flash, Wally West begins an adventure that is reminiscent of the death and return of the Dark Knight.

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers from The Flash #768 by Jeremy Adams, Brandon Peterson, Marco Santucci, David Lafuente, Mike Atiyeh, Arif Prianto, Luis Guerrero, and Steve Wands, on sale now.

Despite not wanting to be the Flash anymore, Wally West has once again found himself pulled into the Speed Force in The Flash #768. But this latest trip is unlike any he has ever taken before. Wally has been traveling through different periods of time where the Speed Force is present in a way similar to Bruce Wayne’s travels through different time periods.

Wally had already refused the mantle of the Flash, but he wanted to make sure he wouldn’t give in to the temptation to be a hero again. He decided to put an end to the risks once and for all by getting rid of his speed. After everything he’d been through these last few years, Wally felt like he deserved to retire from the life of a superhero.

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Speed Raptor Flash

Wally was pulled into the Force and wound up in the prehistoric past, discovering that he now inhabited the body of a caveman imbued with the Speed Force. But while Wally managed to find a way to leave this point in history, he ended up stumbling into the future where he took over the body of Bart Allen. His predicament though time is slightly similar to when Batman was forced to travel through history.

During Final Crisis, Bruce was seemingly killed when Darkseid hit him with his omega beams. But this was merely a misdirect to fool Batman’s allies. He was actually sent back in time where he had numerous adventures, first appearing in prehistoric times like Wally and coming into conflict with Vandal Savage.

Bruce would then jump forward through history, becoming a witch-hunter, a pirate, and a cowboy, all while maintaining his code of ethics and helping whoever he could. But this trip through the past was not sheer luck on Bruce’s part, it was all due to the machinations of Darkseid in a petty attempt at vengeance.

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The ruler of Apokolips had set Bruce up as a contingency plan to destroy the universe in the event he failed in his conquest. After sending him back with the Omega Sanction, Bruce would be left amnesiac, operating on instinct and hurtling forward through history, building up more and more destructive energy with each jump so that when he arrived in his present, all of reality would be destroyed. And oddly enough, there seems to be a similar problem with Wally’s trips through history.

While his jumps through time are far more random than Bruce’s, he is also not doing this willing. The Speed Force pulled him back in time because it appears to be wounded. Wally has a closer connection to the Force than any other Flash, so on instinct, it grabbed him to help with its ailment. And much like Bruce’s experience there seems to be a destructive amount of energy involved with this time travel. It’s possible that when Wally jumps through time, the amount of uncontrolled Speed Force energy that is unleashed could only be greater and more destructive. However, if Wally is unable to right whatever is wrong with the Speed Force, the Fastest Man Alive could be sending the universe racing into disaster.

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