Netflix’s Love, Death + Robots created the perfect artificial intelligence in “Zima Blue,” but it paid a price after unlocking the universe’s secrets.

Netflix’s Love, Death + Robots dissected a variety of themes in its first season, which is why fans are eagerly awaiting Season 2. For example, “Sonnie’s Edge” spoke to the abuse of women and toxic masculinity. However, there were also episodes that went a bit more existential, such as “Zima Blue,” which explored an individual’s place in a wide, scary cosmos and the search for the ultimate answers. After the most perfect artificial intelligence unlocked the universe’s secret, it makes an intriguing decision that results in one of the show’s most thought-provoking endings.

The short focused on Zima (Kevin Michael Richardson), a legendary artist around for centuries in a futuristic world. The giant’s been shifting toward a unique style, leaving blue blocks in his sought-after words before just sticking to entire canvasses of blue. Zima made it clear the artistic choice wasn’t pretentious but had a deeper meaning, so he held a show to reveal the truth.

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He invited Claire (Emma Thornett), a reporter, for his first interview in ages, and she’s shocked to meet a cyborg. Zima evolved after centuries, starting off as a pool-cleaning bot. His owner kept upgrading him, but as the girl grew older and died, he was passed down to other geniuses. Still, Zima kept being upgraded, gaining sentience and turning into something much more than a machine. He began painting and, in time, altered his body to weather all conditions.

Zima was seeking inspiration everywhere, so this polymer allowed him to stay in snowy mountains, volcanoes, swim underwater or even traverse the cosmos. In essence, he became a god, learning of life everywhere. As for his name and the blue he’s been using, it’s actually the first tile he saw as a bot in the pool. However, the story became macabre when Zima confirmed that with all these answers, there wasn’t anything left to live for.

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As a result, Zima swam laps at the show. While doing so, he deconstructed into a pool bot, losing his intelligence. He decided that by dying and being reborn as his old self, he could regain purpose. The audience was left scared, running around all over the place, but Claire knew the metamorphosis restarted his journey to find a different path of exploration and discovery. However, the incident also left her wondering if humans are ever meant to find all the answers because unlocking the secrets of the universe has consequences.

In his interview, Zima hinted that this wasn’t in our fates. He transcended and mentally paid the price. Zima indicated the more he knew, the less satisfying his existence was. In his case, he wanted mystery and wonder back. Therefore, he went “home” in the same pool that he was born in to find it.

Love Death + Robots Vol. 2 releases on Netflix May 14. Vol. 3 will be released in 2022.

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