Nintendo tends to position Mario as their primary mascot, but The Legend of Zelda series has just as strong of a fan base and the series continues to evolve in unpredictable ways. The core adventure tenets and primary characters to The Legend of Zelda remain, but the franchise features quite a bit of change as games dabble in alternate timelines and radically different concepts between titles.

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The Legend of Zelda has thrived as a video game series, but there’s such a natural relationship between video games and anime that it’s surprising that there aren’t already a bunch of Zelda anime series. Each Zelda title tells an engaging story, but there are some entries in the series that feel especially appropriate for an anime adaptation.

10 The Wind Waker’s Radical New Art Style And Sea-Set Story Are Perfect For An Anime

The Wind Waker is a groundbreaking entry in the franchise that showcased the Gamecube’s hardware power with a gorgeous cel-shaded art design that crafts a rich world that feels distinct from past Zelda experiences. The story is largely set on the water as Link pilots the King of Red Lions across the vast seas.

The Wind Waker presents a gripping adventure and has an environmental hook that could truly take advantage of the medium of animation. “Toon Link” has become an iconic character in his own right and audiences would adore him to headline an anime.

9 Zelda’s Oracle Of Seasons And Ages Feel Like A Classic Fantasy Anime

Oracle of Seasons and Ages are two complimentary Legend of Zelda games for the Game Boy Color that largely go overlooked and are overdue for the remake treatment that Link’s Awakening recently experienced.

These two titles present Link with unique scenarios that revolve around the manipulation of weather and the passage of time. These two titles also embrace Zelda’s earlier playful attitude and saddle Link with some strange, yet adorable, creature sidekicks that already feel like they belong in an anime. An anime adaptation could be the perfect way to bring the Oracle games back in the spotlight.

8 Link’s Minish Cap Feels Like A Lost Anime Accessory

The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap is a Game Boy Advance title that largely functions as a prequel to the events of the Four Swords titles, particularly the origins of the villainous Vaati and the creation of the Four Sword.

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The Minish Cap’s title comes from Link’s atypical partner, a talking hat that he acquires. Link’s bond with the Minish Cap as well as the impressive character development that’s done for a villain-in-the-making are elements that would effectively translate over to an anime series.

7 Link’s Awakening Has A Vintage Miyazaki Feeling And A Rich World

Link’s Awakening is the first handheld Legend of Zelda game and its dream world setting that borrows assets from the Mario universe is extremely surreal. Link’s Awakening received a major facelift and a new generation has been able to experience its entertaining story with its recent Switch remake.

The Switch’s chibi art style makes it even easier to picture Link’s Awakening as an anime series, but every element of the strange title fits with this. The world is weird and the story is focused enough that it could be distilled to a strong single season.

6 Link Reaches New Heights In Skyward Sword With A Partner That Belongs In An Anime

Skyward Sword is one of the more recent entries in the Legend of Zelda series, but it’s a controversial entry that’s not as popular as other modern Zelda games. Skyward Sword is set at the start of the series continuity and looks at the creation of the Triforce and other crucial Zelda relics.

This ancient fantasy background is perfect for an anime, as is Link’s blade-based partner. Fi, a holy spirit, is contained to Link’s sword, which is the type of anthropomorphic weapon concept that’s rampant in fantasy and action anime series.

5 Majora’s Mask Is A Surprisingly Dark Zelda Entry That Would Thrive In Animated Form

The Nintendo 64’s Legend of Zelda titles, Ocarina of Time and Majora’s Mask, are iconic games that brought tons of new players into the Nintendo franchise. Majora’s Mask has quietly become the fan-favorite and audiences have learned to appreciate the game’s creepier and bold decisions.

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There’s such striking imagery and characters in Majora’s Mask that would bring such life to an anime series. Majora’s Mask’s darker undertones would also help the anime become more than just some action series. Link’s first transformation or the looming moon could feel like something from out of Evangelion.

4 Phantom Hourglass Explores A Dangerous New Villain On Dark Waters

The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass happens to be a Nintendo DS title, but it functions as a direct sequel to the Gamecube’s Wind Waker. Phantom Hourglass continues Link and Tetra’s adventures on the high seas and brings a dangerous Ghost Ship into the picture as well as a demonic force known as Bellum.

This extension of Wind Waker’s universe, as well as a heavy incorporation of original ideas, makes Phantom Hourglass a winner. Some of the title’s gameplay is bogged down by the DS’ mechanics, so an anime adaptation would be even better.

3 Twilight Princess And Its Shapeshifting Mechanic Feels Like An Anime Storyline

Twilight Princess is an important Zelda title since it marks both the end of the Gamecube era and the start of Nintendo’s Wii. This leads to two different versions of the game that have been tweaked over the years so that the strong idea at its core gets salvaged. Twilight Princess moves the Zelda franchise into a more mature territory and Link’s perpetual transformations into a wolf are a huge deviation from the past, but the type of obstacle that’s actually quite common in anime.

A lot of Twilight Princess’s wilder elements are the norm when it comes to anime.

2 Spirit Tracks’ Renegade Train Is The Perfect Anime Set Piece

Spirit Tracks continues the story that’s started in Wind Waker and Phantom Hourglass and it tells a story that focuses on the evergreen bond between Link and Zelda. Link’s introduction to the fabled Spirit Tracks is because of Zelda and an engaging mystery is told in the process.

The hard-boiled nature of Spirit Tracks, the playful energy between Link and Zelda, and the very concept of this ghost-like train all feel like ideal anime material. Demon Slayer’s record-breaking movie, Mugen Train, is even set exclusively on a locomotive.

1 Breath Of The Wild’s Gigantic World Could Easily Sustain A Full Anime

Breath of the Wild for the Switch redefines what’s possible in a Legend of Zelda game and it’s incredible how much an open world environment gives such new life to the old franchise. Breath of the Wild’s epic story about powerful forces could come to life in such satisfying ways through an anime.

A look into Breath of the Wild’s past has more than enough lore to pull from, but Link’s journey could easily tap into an Overlord or even an Attack on Titan atmosphere.

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