Shikadai is one of the main characters of the Boruto series and the son of Shikamaru Nara and Temari. Much of his role in the series is quite similar to the one that Shikamaru served in Naruto, and so at times, it is quite apparent that Shikadai is indeed his father’s son.

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However, despite taking deeply after his father, Shikadai is his own character and has quite a lot of things that make him unique and also one of the most loved characters among the fans.

10 LIKE HIS FATHER: He Relies On Shadow Manipulation Ninjutsu

Being a Nara Clan member, it is no surprise that Shikadai has access to their Hiden ability to manipulate the shadows. This power allows Shikadai to use his shadow and control it in incredible ways, such as connecting to the shadows of other people and controlling their movements.

This aspect of his power makes him just like Shikamaru, who also relies on similar techniques in combat.

9 DIFFERENT: He Can Use Powerful Wind Release Ninjutsu

Shikadai Nara Wind Release

Although Shikadai’s primary weapon in combat is his shadow manipulation, he also has other techniques in his arsenal that help him overcome any challenge that he faces.

Thanks to Temari, Shikadai has become a capable user of some Wind Release techniques. Although he requires a fan to utilize some of them, he can also use others without one to great effect.

8 LIKE HIS FATHER: He Has An Incredibly High Level Of Intelligence

Shikadai is extremely intelligent just like his father, and this is known to be something common among those of the Nara Clan as well. For example, Shikamaru’s father, Shikaku, was a genius and served as the advisor to the Hokage.

Therefore, it’s no surprise that Shikadai is intelligent and has great analytical skills both inside and outside of combat. In his fight against Boruto, he had prepared 12 countermeasures for his Rasengan alone.

7 DIFFERENT: His Personality Is Lighter & More Positive

Shikadai From Boruto

While Shikadai and Shikamaru are quite similar when it comes to their personalities, Shikadai is more positive and tries harder than Shikamaru used to.

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This is likely due to Temari’s influence on him but also because he’s one of Boruto’s best friends and the young ninja tends to affect those around him with his enthusiasm and hunger to strive for greater things.

6 LIKE HIS FATHER: He Became A Chunin Before Everyone Else In His Group

During the Chunin Exams arc of Naruto, Shikamaru was the only Genin who was promoted to the rank of Chunin because of his incredible intelligence and qualities as a leader.

In Boruto’s Chunin Exams arc, something similar happened with Shikadai, and even though he lost to Boruto Uzumaki, his brilliant display was considered to be impressive enough to have him promoted to the rank of Chunin once the trouble with the Otsutsuki Clan wrapped up.

5 DIFFERENT: He’s A Gamer & Often Likes The Challenge That Comes With It

While both Shikamaru and Shikadai are known to enjoy Shogi, Shikadai is also a great gamer by the looks of it. In the Chunin Exams arc of Boruto, it was revealed that Shikadai enjoys the challenge that comes with beating games on his own and would never rely on shortcuts or cheat his way to the end, unlike Boruto.

This is likely something that also applies to his approach as a ninja, as seen when he felt utter disgust at Boruto for cheating in the match against him.

4 LIKE HIS FATHER: Shikadai Is Known To Hate Troublesome Things

When it comes to troublesome matters, Shikadai and Shikamaru quite similar to each other. Perhaps the most striking quality of Shikamaru Nara is the fact that he dislikes putting too much effort into anything.

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His son is quite similar to him in this regard and often prefers to be lazy. Shikadai is known to be unenthusiastic about most things in life, but like Shikamaru, he takes responsibility when the situation demands him to.

3 DIFFERENT: He’s A Much Bigger Prodigy Than Shikamaru Nara Was

Shikadai Prodigy

Shikadai is considered to be a genius, even among the members of the Nara Clan who are known to possess great intelligence. His potential has been recognized by his father and several others in the village already, showing that he indeed is a crucial shinobi for the future of the village.

In addition, his skillset being more diverse than Shikamaru means that he’s inevitably going to surpass him in the future, which is fitting for a prodigy like him.

2 LIKE HIS FATHER: He Is A Close Friend Of The Main Character

Shikadai is one of the closest friends of Boruto Uzumaki, if not the closest. The two share quite a special bond that has been focused on in the anime from the very first episode. Interestingly enough, Shikamaru Nara shares a similar relationship with Naruto Uzumaki and was one of the very few who befriended him when he was cast out by the villagers.

Shikadai’s relationship with Boruto is certainly a nod to the bond that their fathers shared during their childhood in the Naruto series.

1 DIFFERENT: He’s A Far More Balanced Ninja Than Shikamaru Ever Was

shikaidai nara

Shikadai is known to excel in several aspects of the shinobi arts, unlike Shikamaru Nara. While his strongest assets are the same as those of Shikamaru, Shikadai has much more in his locker.

According to the databook, Shikadai is one of the strongest next-generation ninja and his attributes are quite impressive and he has a 180 in intelligence, 145 in perception, 120 in chakra, 113 when it comes to negotiations, a solid 112 in dexterity, and finally, 90 in terms of strength.

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