To The Rescue brings the fun and wholesomeness of a dog shelter to players everywhere, but all work put into the game goes towards an important cause.

When it comes to caring for animals, one person can never do enough. Thankfully, a brand new indie game coming to the Nintendo Switch and Steam aims to take the fun and fulfillment of caring for dogs to a whole new level. To The Rescue: A Dog Shelter Simulator gives players the tasks of running a dog kennel. As the days progress, more dogs that need love and attention continue to show up, and it’s the player’s job to provide for them as best they can. But what makes this game different from the others is its contribution to real-world dog shelters across the country.

The game’s developers, Little Rock Games, have announced a monumental partnership with the Petfinder Foundation. For every game purchased, 20% of the proceeds will go to animal shelters in the US. The Petfinder Foundation is a charity that helps keep animals from being euthanized in shelters by making sure they remain adoptable. This is typically done by supporting pet shelters and providing love and attention to keep the animals happy and healthy before adoption. In To The Rescue, players are tasked with providing that same job.

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Aside from building a safe and comfortable kennel for all of the strays found within the community, there is also a business aspect that comes into play. As more animals begin to fill up the shelter, players can communicate with potential owners and help them find their perfect furry friend. There is also an option to inform the community about the importance of fostering. As more animals find homes, the happy townsfolk will express their gratitude with kind words and encouragement.

But the most important aspect of the game is the dogs, as care and attention play just as much of a role as maintaining their health. Players will have the ability to find and take in stray dogs. Depending on their condition, they may require medical attention to be nursed back to health. But dogs already in the player’s care are susceptible to getting ill, in which case they would require medical attention. Much like a real shelter, these tasks can pile up, along with making sure other animals are cared for and customers are being serviced.

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When caring for the animal, their mental health is just as important as their physical health. To The Rescue accounts for this with opportunities to pet, play fetch with and even play tug of war with the adorable rescues. Space is also important, and as more dogs enter the shelter, the player must build kennels to accommodate them so they don’t become too cramped.

To The Rescue: A Dog Shelter Simulator is undoubtedly one of the most wholesome indie games coming to this Fall. But what makes it unique is the attention to detail in every aspect so that players understand the importance of caring for animals while in a shelter and why adopting is so important. With the bonus of contributing to help real-world dogs and shelters, To The Rescue is one indie game to watch out for.

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