With the ability to tear off the annoying weapons and armor of any machine, Horizon Zero Dawn’s Tearblaster is an essential weapon.

Throughout her travels, Aloy will sometimes come across powerful weapons and armor to wield against machines in Horizon: Zero Dawn. One of the most useful is the Tearblaster, but it can be a bit difficult to obtain and players can easily miss it. Here is how to get this formidable weapon.

To acquire the Tearblaster, players will first need to get the errand quest Hunting for the Lodge by either encountering Cren, or by making your way to a Hunting Ground and speaking to the Keeper. You’ll then need to reach Meridian, the largest city in the game and capital of the Carja Tribe. Make your way through the city and reach a large building you can enter on the southwestern side called the Hunters Lodge. This is where all of the great hunters of the region meet to turn in their trophies for wealth and glory. To get inside however, you’ll need to present three Half-Suns to prove you’re a capable hunter.

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These Suns can be earned by visiting one of the five Hunting Grounds scattered across the post-apocalyptic world. These are managed by members of the Lodge and used as a way to hone their abilities. Each has a set of three trials to test different skills. Your performance in these trials is judged based on completion time, with shorter times resulting in higher ranks. These ranks include the Half-Sun in third place, the Full-Sun in second place, and the Blazing-Sun in first place. Since you only need three Half-Suns or higher to enter the Lodge, this can be done immediately when arriving at Meridian if you’ve interacted with any of the Grounds beforehand. The first and possibly easiest one to encounter is the Nora Hunting Grounds, located just northeast of the Embrace.

Once you’ve entered the Lodge and asked about membership, you’ll speak with its leader, Sunhawk Ahsis, who then directs Aloy to talk to Talanah. Talanah will direct you to collect trophies from three Sawtooths, two Ravagers and one Stalker to prove yourself worthy of full membership. The easiest one to fight is encountered at the end of a side quest called Underequipped.

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Once you’ve collected all of these trophies and handed them in to Ahsis, you’ll then need to talk to Talanah again, starting the quest Hunter’s Blind. You’ll be directed to a settlement which faces constant attack from Glinthawk machines. After clearing and investigating the area, a group of hunters is discovered that have been killing Snapmaw machines for their parts, which also draws in the Glinthawks. You can either fight the hunters, or give them a Snapmaw Heart to make them leave peacefully. This part can either be hunted from a machine in the river or bought from a machine parts merchant in Meridian. After the hunters are dealt with, speak with Talanah. She’ll direct you back to the Lodge to be formally inducted into the group. As a reward, you’ll finally be given the Tearblaster.

The Tearblaster can’t be modified, but is incredibly useful against the more powerful machines. The weapon has a short range, but is able to tear off a machine’s armor and weapon parts, making them weaker and more vulnerable to regular attacks. It can also be used against human enemies and smaller machines, but will usually just stagger them. Keep in mind that the Tearblaster’s tear damage depends on the difficulty level.

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