Fans have been asking for months if they will be able import old game saves to Mass Effect Legendary Edition, but the answer’s not so simple.

With the release of Mass Effect Legendary Edition on the horizon, many fans are wondering if they will be able to import saves from the old version of the game into the new. After BioWare‘s original announcement on N7 Day, the developers noted there were some aspects that made such an import possible, but at the time, it created a lot of unwanted bugs and glitches.

It was BioWare’s hope to have a clearer perspective on the possibility of importing play saves from previous versions of the game closer to release day. When a fan inquired recently on the EA Answers HQ, the answer was not quite what players were hoping for.

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Many fans might want to import an old save to pick up from where they left off, especially if they were in the middle of a playthrough. A lot of gamers have been nostalgically replaying the games in anticipation of Legendary Edition, but not everyone will have time to finish. Being able to import the current game’s save would make things easier. On the other hand, doing so would mean missing out on the changes the trilogy has undergone for the remaster.

In the prior editions, world states and character choices from previous games could be imported into the next game to shape both Commander Shepard and the galaxy based on the choices the player made. Many choose to skip the first game on subsequent replays, launching straight into Mass Effect 2 with a single world state they use over and over. However, not being able to do that from the start in Legendary Edition will mean players should start from ME1.

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In the original release, it was also possible to import a completed Mass Effect 3 save to launch a New Game+, which started Shepard out with all their perks and gear, as well as the level they ended the game. The option to restart the game at a higher level makes gameplay somewhat easier, but only if the difficulty was changed prior to the endgame save. This made it possible for some players to earn all of the achievements, which, for some, is an essential part of completing a game.

Many players hoped that this would be an option for Legendary Edition, allowing them to import a more well-rounded Shepard that would give them a leg up. According to EA Answers it is possible, but it’s not recommended. The developers have made a lot of changes to the game’s backend that makes previous saves incompatible with the new version. Essentially, EA and BioWare recommend playing the game from the start and working through the trilogy from scratch to avoid unwanted problems.

That being said, it will technically be possible to import old saves on the PC edition to a certain degree. However, doing this could have unintended consequences that potentially cause glitches — or even make the game unplayable. These potential bugs will be unsupported, meaning there will be no established fixes for them if they occur. Ultimately, players should be cautious if considering importing saves from the original versions of the trilogy.

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