Star Wars: The Clone Wars was a hit TV show that rapidly expanded the lore of Star Wars, created some fan favourite characters, and grew into a beloved part of the franchise. It recently kicked off the first season of its spinoff show Star Wars: The Bad Batch on Disney+

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There is so much cool and interesting stuff that happened across the seven seasons of the show, and for many fans it served to enhance the Prequel trilogy. The stories in the show were deep and thoughtful at times and created some fantastic mysteries within the galaxy of Star Wars.

10 Not All The Jedi Approved Of Clones

Clone Wars spends a lot of time examining the war from all sides, and the feelings of the different groups that participate in the conflict. In one of the best story arcsDarkness on Umbara, Anakin’s clones, the 501st, are put under the command of General Pong Krell.

This is a Jedi with no regard for the life of clones, and in fact he sends them purposefully into reckless scenarios. He sees their lives as having no value and the arc ends with him and the clones facing off.

9 Anakin Had A Padawan

Anakin comforts Ahsoka during the Clone Wars episode Storm Over Ryloth.

While the movies have never touched on this, and she only made her first live action appearance in season 2 of The Mandalorian, fans have loved Ahsoka Tano since her first appearance in Clone Wars.

She was introduced as a new Padawan for Anakin to train. Seeing their dynamic grow and change over the years created a much more relatable Anakin and made his turn to the dark side that much worse. It also gave fans one of the best new original characters with Ahsoka.

8 The Clones Were Controlled By Chips In Their Brains

Ashoka During Order 66

One of the most devastating Star Wars moments was when the Clones turned on the Jedi during Order 66. Even though some Jedi survived, it was heartbreaking to see during Revenge of the Sith and its been even worse seeing it in Clone Wars and The Bad Batch.

Fans were left wondering why the Clones turned so quickly. Clone Wars revealed it was due to their programming— they were born with a chip implanted in their head that made them follow and carry out Order 66.

7 The Resurrection Of Maul

While Maul made a post-Phantom Menace appearance in live action via Solo, it comes with no explanation unless the viewer also tuned into Clone Wars. After being cut in half by Obi-Wan Kenobi in the first of their many duelsMaul used his hatred to keep himself alive. He was dumped on a planet of junk where he cobbled together a new lower half, but he fell into madness.

He was discovered there by Savage Oppress who rescued him from his madness and helped restore him back to his full power.

6 The Origins Of Saw Gerrera


Saw Gerrera has been in multiple Star Wars projects over the years, making his first live action appearance in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. This was not however his first appearance in the franchise.

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That came in season 5 of Clone Wars when Saw and his sister Steela were being trained by Obi-Wan and Anakin on how to take down the Separatist on their home planet. This training laid the groundwork for how he would become a legendary rebel leader.

5 Boba Fett’s Bounty Hunter Training

After witnessing the death of his father by Mace Windu in Attack of the Clones, Boba Fett is out for revenge. He teams up with some big time bounty hunters such as Bossk and Aura Sing who are teaching him how to be a ruthless killer and start him down the path to becoming the most deadly bounty hunter.

He set a trap for Mace Windu, rigging up his fathers helmet as an explosive. He hoped to kill Windu and remind him about what he did. Boba Fett can most recently be seen on The Mandalorian and his upcoming spinoff show The Book of Boba Fett

4 The History Of The Darksaber

Darksaber in Star Wars Clone Wars

The Darksaber is a piece of Star Wars history introduced in Clone Wars and brought to the wider audience in The Mandalorian. It has been wielded most notably Darth Maul and Bo-Katan Kryze.

It belonged to the first Jedi who was Mandalorian and became a symbol for the rightful ruler of Mandalore. It was won via single combat and it is an integral to the power of the throne of Mandalore.

3 The Introduction Of The Bad Batch

Star Wars Bad Batch Clone Force 99

While their own show has started off with a bang, the rag tag group of clones known as the Bad Batch got their introduction in the seventh season of Clone Wars they were brought in by Commander Cody for a special infiltration mission that required their unique set of skills.

They ended up rescuing the clone Echo who was long presumed dead, and in the end, Echo joined their ranks.

2 Meeting The Living Force

In the most in-depth Clone Wars storyline, the Mortis arc, fans are introduced to 3 characters who could possibly be representations of the living force: A son from the darkness, a daughter from the light, and a father who balances them out.

Anakin is being set up to take the father’s place, as the balance and the chosen one. Yet in the end he falls to the darkness which conjures up an eerie foreshadowing of his dark future. If there is one arc to watch in Clone Wars, the Mortis arc would be it.

1 Why Ahsoka Isn’t A Jedi

Star Wars Yoda Ahsoka Tano Trial Jedi Council

In The Mandalorian Ahsoka makes it clear she isn’t a Jedi, and fans who watched the Clone Wars know that the series provides the explanation why.

She was framed for a crime she didn’t commit and even though she was cleared of charges she couldn’t believe how the order had turned on her. She left them behind, no longer believing in them as she once had.

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