Ichigo Kurosaki is a human, but he is also a Substitute Shinigami in Bleach. He fights off hollows and has become a reliable ally to Soul Society. When in his Shinigami form, Ichigo is almost always seen with his zanpakuto as it is the primary weapon that he uses when fighting.

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Without his zanpakuto, many of his battles would have been impossible to win. Despite this, Ichigo has proven that he is capable of doing a lot of things even without his sword. Working as a Shinigami and fighting a large array of enemies for so long has allowed him to pick up a large set of skills that an ordinary human wouldn’t be able to accomplish.

10 Ichigo Can Win A Fistfight

Ichigo in his school uniform

As a human, Ichigo is incredibly powerful. Thanks to his training in martial arts paired with daily and unwelcome surprise attacks from his father, Ichigo is able to take down large groups of bullies without breaking a sweat.

His blows have enough power to break through concrete. As a Shinigami, Ichigo is even more powerful, defeating multiple Vice Captains with his bare hands. He has even been seen throwing multiple people through buildings.

9 Ichigo Is Incredible At Most Sports

Ichigo asking the sports clubs how much they'll pay him

Given his overwhelming strength, Ichigo is excellent at any school sport that he picks up. He is so good at all of them that multiple sports clubs seek his help whenever they have an important game coming up, as his participation guarantees victory.

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Ichigo is aware of how valuable of an asset he is, so he indiscriminately charges large fees to the clubs who hire him. Regardless, clubs have been competing with each other when it comes to getting Ichigo to help them out.

8 Ichigo Can Still Pass His Classes

Ichigo confronting Kon about his reckless behavior

Ichigo is admirable, as he is able to balance both work and school life. He often leaves class during a lecture whenever he senses a hollow, and the creatures pop up on a daily basis.

Although he splits the work with his friends, he has been tasked with saving the world on more than one occasion. Miraculously, he still passes his classes with flying colors, although his teacher never liked his habit of cutting class.

7 Ichigo Can Use Shunpo

Ichigo running

Ichigo is one of the few Shinigami who did not graduate from the Shinigami Academy. This is part of the reason why he never mastered Kido. However, he did master one of the most essential skills of a Shinigami: Shunpo, or Flash Step.

This form of movement allows a Shinigami to move faster than the normal eye can see. Ichigo has mastered this technique to the point where he can instantly travel long distances and can keep up with Captain-level Shinigami.

6 Ichigo Can See Ghosts

Ichigo greets a ghost

Ichigo has been able to see ghosts for most of his life. It was initially detrimental, as it meant that the ghosts persistently followed him around until he found a way to help them find peace.

He expanded his ability to sense these supernatural presences, learning to detect and discern the conditions of anyone nearby with a notable amount of spiritual pressure. This is especially useful when he is hunting hollows.

5 Ichigo Can Use A Hollow’s Powers By Wearing His Mask

Kon talking to Ichigo in his hollow mask

When Ichigo’s life is in danger, his body goes through a temporary hollowfication. His mask grows on and he resembles a hollow, often losing his ability to converse with others as well as his sense of reason.

During this time, he has the abilities of a hollow, such as being able to fire off a cero. This form renews his energy and has been powerful enough to destroy Ulquiorra, who was one of the strongest Espada.

4 Ichigo Has Blut Vene To Protect Him

Ichigo Kurosaki In Bleach

Ichigo’s Quincy blood was activated when temporarily imprisoned by Qilge Opie. When taking a direct blow from Yhwach, the strongest Quincy to ever exist, his sword only inflicted a small cut to Ichigo’s skin.

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Despite not having any formal training in regards to using his Quincy abilities, Ichigo is still able to activate Blut Vene on his own, a defensive technique that gives him superhuman defensive abilities.

3 Ichigo Has Massive Spiritual Pressure

Ichigo with both Zangetsus

One of the first things that other Shinigami have noticed about Ichigo is his enormous spiritual power, which far outstrips almost everyone else’s. This holds true even when he has been pushed to the point of exhaustion.

Given that he has proven himself to be stronger than Ulquiorra, whose mere presence killed a large number of ordinary humans, this means that Ichigo could do the same if not for his Substitute Shinigami Badge.

2 Ichigo Can Use His Substitute Shinigami Badge To Leave His Body & Detect Hollows

Substitute Shinigami Badge In Bleach

Ichigo’s Substitute Shinigami Badge was given to him to allow him to fight hollows in the human world. Ichigo mainly used the badge to exit his human body in order to fight in Shinigami form. It also alerted him whenever a hollow was nearby.

Due to this, it was made to be invisible to ordinary humans. The device’s hidden purpose was to monitor him and to keep his spiritual pressure in check, given that he wasn’t really good at controlling it on his own.

1 Ichigo Can Break Free From Binding Spells

Rukia explains hollows to Ichigo

When Ichigo first met Rukia, she placed him under a binding spell. Although attempting to break free should have come with serious repercussions, he managed to do so without being harmed at all. Although it was a low-level spell, it would have been completely effective against most other humans.

Towards the end of the series, Ichigo would have treated the binding spell as a minor inconvenience and would have been able to break free from stronger variations as well.

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