My Hero Academia features a huge cast of characters, and while Izuku Midoriya is the star, the show finds time to deepen and flesh out its supporting characters too, from Izuku’s rival to his good friend Ochaco Uraraka, the zero-gravity girl. Ochaco has been a reliable friend and ally of Izuku’s for some time now, and she could easily be the heroine of her own shonen story.

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It’s clear what Ochaco’s hopes, dreams, and fears are, and this makes it easier to determine what she would do if she ever gathered the seven Dragon Balls from the Dragon Ball franchise and made a wish. There are all sorts of things Ochaco would wish for, either for herself or for others, and Shenron is ready to help.

10 Ochaco Would Wish For Financial Stability

As a true hero, Ochaco Uraraka ready to patiently put in the hard work to get what she wants; only villains seize easy power at a price. Still, Shenron’s wishes come with practically no strings attached, so Ochaco won’t mind taking a shortcut with this legendary wish-granter.

It’s clear that Ocahco’s family is in dire straits, unlike Momo Yaoyorozu‘s household, so Ochaco would cut to the chase and ask Shenron to grant her parents financial stability. Perhaps they’ll receive a one-million yen check in the mail every month, courtesy of Shenron.

9 Ochaco Would Wish For A New Hero Costume

Ochaco doesn’t exactly hate her hero costume, but then again, it didn’t turn out quite the way she meant it to (Minoru Mineta had no complaints). She and the other U.A. students submitted designs for their own costumes, but Ochaco botched some of the details, and her costume ended up being skintight.

This wasn’t Ochaco’s intention, and she feels a bit silly going around in a skintight costume, which is something that Midnight, the R-rated hero, would do instead. So, it’s time for Shenron to grant her a more comfortable costume.

8 Ochaco Would Wish To Shut Minoru Mineta Up

Minoru Mineta resting his cheek against his hand

Minoru Mineta has his merits as a fighter with his surprisingly flexible Pop Off ability, but his personality is making him zero friends. This kid is infamous for acting and speaking inappropriately to every girl he meets, and while it’s usually Kyoka Jiro who punishes him for it, Ochaco wouldn’t mind taking action, too.

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If Ochaco doesn’t have more pressing concerns, she could summon Shenron and ask for Minoru to conveniently become incredibly shy, unwilling to speak a single word and too modest to touch them.

7 Ochaco Would Wish For Tensei Iida’s Recovery

Ochaco Uraraka is an empathetic and selfless person, which means she has the ideal personality for being a lovable and trustworthy hero. At one point, soon after the U.A. sports festival, Tenya Iida ran off to avenge his mortally wounded brother, Tensei Iida, and nearly paid the price for it. And Tensei’s not doing much better.

If Ochaco learned the full story of Tensei’s injury and early retirement, she would summon Shenron at once and demand that this great dragon heal Tensei and restore his heroic career. Ochaco wouldn’t want to see the Iida brothers in a state like this.

6 Ochaco Would Wish For Enhanced Physical Abilities

ochaco 5 scenes feature

Ochaco’s Quirk isn’t based on physical combat, as opposed to One For All or even Mashirao Ojiro’s Tail Quirk. Instead, Ochaco has a magical sort of Quirk, and she has to enhance her physical prowess the old-fashioned way to survive mortal combat.

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Thus, Ochaco interned with the pro hero Gun Head to learn some close quarter combat techniques, but even then, her physical prowess is somewhat limited. If things get dire enough, Ochaco would wish for incredible speed, strength, agility and endurance to maximize her effectiveness in combat.

5 Ochaco Would Wish To Heal Izuku’s Arms

Izuku is near and dear to Ochaco, and they look out for each other. While Ochaco trusts Izuku to become a powerful hero worthy of respect, she is probably rather concerned about the physical toll of Izuku’s training. Just look at the state of his arms.

Izuku has broken and mended his bones more than once, and his arms have scars on them, too – not to mention how he visibly broke his fingers to use One For All. Not even Recovery Girl could fully heal Izuku, so Ochaco will make Shenron do it instead.

4 Ochaco Would Wish To Know Izuku’s Exact Feelings About Her

Ochaco would likely spend her wish on something major, such as healing Izuku or supporting her family, but if all that is already taken care of, Ochaco would consider spending a wish on her own interests, like her developing feelings for Izuku Midoriya.

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Ochaco is definitely interested in him, and vice versa, but both of them are too shy and flustered to do something about it. So, Ochaco would wish to know exactly what Izuku thinks about her, and that would allow her to make a move on him, risk-free. There’d be no chance of rejection if she knows exactly how Izuku feels.

3 Ochaco Would Wish For Himiko Toga’s Immediate Capture

Creepy Face Himiko Toga From My Hero Academia

Ochaco has seen and fought against a variety of villains, but none of them bother her more than Himiko Toga, the shapeshifter. Ochaco and Tsuyu Asui ran afoul of her at the training camp’s forest, and Himiko got under Ochaco’s skin by claiming that they are two of a kind.

Worse yet, Himiko can use her shapeshifting abilities to wreak havoc, and she knows too much about Izuku, Ochaco and other heroes. So, it’s best to wish for Himiko’s secure capture, and allow Ochaco to rest easy at last.

2 Ochaco Would Wish For Izuku & Bakugo To Get Along Better

Preliminary My Hero Academia designs depicted a kind and easygoing Katsuki Bakugo, who was much more similar to Denki Kaminari than his final version. While Ochaco understands that people need rivals to keep them sharp, she must be concerned about how Bakugo treats Izuku.

Bakugo is ferociously competitive and self-absorbed, and mistreats Izuku both verbally and physically. Ochaco would summon Shenron and alter Bakugo’s perspective with a wish, turning Bakugo into someone who’s competitive but kind. Ochaco might agree with some fans who believe that Izuku needs a better friend/rival than Bakugo.

1 Ochaco Would Wish For Eri’s Immediate Recovery

my hero academia eri smile

Ochaco was one of several U.A. students to take part in the raid on Overhaul’s gang, and it was all to rescue the young Eri. But even when Eri was rescued, she was in danger: of herself. Eri not only had some psychological damage, but a powerful Quirk that’s difficult for her to control.

Ochaco would definitely wish for Eri’s immediate and total recovery, just as Izuku and Mirio Togata would, and this would accelerate the process of easing Eri into a healthy and safe childhood. It’s the least Ochaco can do.

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