There are many great characters in Attack on Titan, with Eren being one of them. He was introduced as the manga’s protagonist but throughout the series became the main antagonist as the perspectives of other characters he fought were revealed. Throughout the years, many readers’ thoughts on Eren have changed.

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They originally saw him as a stereotypical hero, then one of the best characters ever written, and sadly ended up hating him once the final chapter released. Luckily, there are some people that still see him as a great character, and they may want to read his best chapters.

10 His World Turned Upside Down In The Second Chapter

Seeing as how Eren is the main character of the series, it makes sense that the beginning of the story would impact him in a huge way. As the Titans got inside of Shiganshina District and the humans ran for their lives, Eren went home, hoping that a piece of the broken wall didn’t smash his house and hit his mother.

Unfortunately, the worst thing he could have imagined became his reality and though he tried to save his mother, he was forced to watch her die. From there, he had to leave the town he grew up in and had no idea where his father was. The quiet and comfortable life that he took for granted was taken away from him in a matter of minutes, setting him up to be one of the manga’s best characters.

9 He Almost Died In Chapter 4

Armin sees Eren get eaten by a Titan

After he graduated from the 104th Cadet Corps, Eren and his friends witnessed the Colossal Titan break into Trost District, repeating the tragedy that Eren faced a few years prior. However, he was ready to fight against the Titans this time.

After he and the other soldiers started thinking of what they could do, he and a few of his friends began to fight their enemies. However, things quickly took a turn for the worse as Thomas, Nac, Mylius, and Mina all died. Armin almost died as well, but Eren saved his life and was devoured instead, which was a great way to end the first volume.

8 Eren Being A Titan Was Revealed In Chapter 9

Throughout the soldiers’ fight in Trost, they witnessed a mysterious Titan that would attack other Titans. Eren’s friends watched the Titan and thought that it may be possible for it to actually be on their side.

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After it got tired, Eren came out of the Titan, and though many readers had already saw that plot twist coming, the characters were shocked to find out he was still alive and had these new powers. Everything they thought they knew about the Titans and the world they lived in was a lie, and this was the first step they took to discovering the truth.

7 Eren’s First Major Heroic Act Can Be Found In Chapter 14

Eren didn’t have a lot of control over his Titan at the beginning of the series. Because of this, Armin had to help him out as the soldiers hoped he’d be able to block the Titans’ entrance into Trost District by picking up a boulder and placing it in their path.

He was luckily able to achieve this, and while what happened in Trost District was a tragedy that the characters would never forget, things would have been much worse if it weren’t for Eren.

6 He Activated The Coordinate In Chapter 50

Anime Attack On Titan Eren Coordinate Scream

At the end of the Clash of the Titans arc, Eren encountered the Titan that ate his mother. Because a soldier in the Garrison, Hannes, was unable to save her and instead ran away with Eren and Mikasa, he tried to avenge Carla and redeem himself. However, Hannes was devoured as Eren had a breakdown, saying that nothing had changed and that he was useless.

Mikasa comforted Eren and thanked him for all that he had done. He then stood up and punched the Titan, activating his greatest ability, the Coordinate. All of the Titans around them attacked whoever he wanted, killing the Titan that ate his mother and fighting the Armored Titan as the Survey Corps safely retreated.

5 Eren Regretted Having His Powers In Chapter 65

After learning how he got his powers, Eren regretted ever having them and hated that his father killed the Reiss family. He cried, blaming himself for everyone’s death since the Titans broke into the walls. If Grisha hadn’t taken the Founding Titan, it may have been possible that Historia’s family could have saved them.

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He then begged for her to kill him and take the power back for herself. Though it seemed like that was her intention at the end of that chapter, it was quickly revealed that she refused to let Eren die and he kept his abilities.

4 Eren Defeated The Colossal Titan In Chapter 82

From the first chapter, it seemed that the Colossal Titan would be the main antagonist of the series, and both characters and fans were shocked to find out that Bertholdt was the inheritor of this Titan. However, in chapter 82, Eren and Armin teamed up to defeat their former comrade.

By pretending to be too weak to continue fighting, Eren was able to leave his Titan body while Armin distracted Bertholdt. During this time, Eren snuck around the Colossal Titan and defeated him. However, it came at a high cost as Armin was nearly burnt to death and almost died.

3 Eren Began His Attack On Marley In Chapter 100

Eren Killing Willy Tybur Cropped

As Willy Tybur told the world what really happened during the Great Titan War, which took place 100 years before Eren’s journey began, Eren had an important conversation with Reiner and Falco. Eren told them how he understood that the world saw him as their enemy, but that when he was a child, Reiner was the villain of his story.

He then explained that after spending time in Marley, his thoughts changed and that he realized that the people he thought were his enemies actually had a lot in common with him. Though he understood them, Eren transformed into his Titan in front of the warriors and ate Willy Tybur as the world watched Eren become the villain of their story.

2 The Truth Of How Eren Got His Powers Was Revealed In Chapter 121

Eren and Zeke from Attack on Titan

Though everything that Eren learned about how he got his powers in chapter 65 was true, that was far from being the whole story. Inside of the Coordinate, the Yeager brothers traveled through Grisha’s memories and Zeke learned that everything he thought he knew about his family was false.

Once the two got to the memory of Grisha killing the Reiss family, they were surprised to see him hesitate. Eren then spoke to him, convincing him to inherit the Founding Titan and create a time loop.

1 Eren’s Perspective Of The Rumbling Was Shown In Chapter 131

Eren Flies Freely In The Sky

When Eren first went to Marley, he met a child named Ramzi who he knew would die during the Rumbling. He cried and told Ramzi that he was sorry, but the child didn’t understand what he was saying. When Ramzi —along with many other innocent people— was crushed to death by the Colossal Titan that Eren controlled, Eren’s inner child came out, believing that what he was doing gave him freedom.

He was then able to speak with Armin, and though fans didn’t know what the two talked about until the last chapter, it turned out that he revealed to his best friend how he never actually had any freedom, to begin with, turning Eren into one of the best tragic heroes ever written.

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