My Hero Academia‘s story has countless fascinating and terrifying villains, starting with Tomura Shigaraki, who led the assault on USJ. That was Izuku Midoriya’s first taste of the League of Villains, and as time went on, even more disgruntled citizens joined the League to create a new, villain-based society. That included Himiko Toga, one of the younger recruits.

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Himiko Toga’s introduction was a simple one when she and the flame-wielding Dabi stepped into the League’s bar and politely introduced themselves to Tomura and Kurogiri. Ever since then, Himiko has terrorized the scene with her powers and cunning traps, but what else should fans know about this wicked villainess?

10 What Is Himiko’s Quirk Called?

Toga being excited with villains

Nearly every character in this series has a confirmed Quirk, and at first, Himiko Toga kept her own Quirk hidden. When she attacked Class 1-A at the forest training zone, she confronted Ochaco Uraraka and Tsuyu Asui but didn’t use her Quirk at all.

Only later was her Quirk revealed: Transform. This allows Himiko to assume the form of any other person whose blood she has consumed, including their voice and even their clothes. She is the token shapeshifter character of My Hero Academia.

9 Why Was Himiko Introduced With Katakana Characters Instead Of Kanji?

Every time a character is introduced in My Hero Academia, their name will be shown on the screen, typically with the kanji used to write their names. This show has a large cast, after all, so this is nice and convenient. Oddly, Himiko’s name used katakana characters at first, which are strictly phonetic.

There’s a good reason for this. Himiko’s Transform ability is based on the element of surprise, and to take the viewers by surprise as well as the characters, the show didn’t use Himiko’s kanji-based name. The characters in her name give away the nature of her ability, after all, and spoilers would ruin the fun.

8 What Do The Characters Mean In Himiko Toga’s Name?

Like most My Hero Academia characters, Himiko has a name whose kanji are meaningful for her personality and abilities. This is not unlike Shoto Todoroki, whose first name is “hot cold,” for example. Himiko’s name alludes to her ability to mimic other people.

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Her first name, in particular, is meaningful. The first kanji can mean “wear” or “put on,” and the second one means “somebody.” She is putting on somebody else’s likeness with her Quirk, after all. “Ko” is a common ending for feminine Japanese names.

7 How Old Is Himiko Toga?

Creepy Face Himiko Toga From My Hero Academia

Often, Himiko Toga acts like a child, either getting gleefully excited by something or throwing a tantrum when she doesn’t get her way. However, she is not actually as young as she acts. She is in her mid-teens, roughly a similar age as Izuku and his classmates.

When Himiko First appeared, she was 16 years old, and by now, during the manga’s current events, she is 17 years old. If she had gone the hero route instead at the U.A. school, Himiko would probably be a second-year student.

6 What Are Some Of Himiko’s Favorite Things?

Anime Hero Academia Himiko Toga Crazed Knife

My Hero Academia includes plenty of minor but fun details about what the characters (both heroes and villains) like, such as their hobbies, favorite foods and so on. Shota Aizawa likes cats, and Denki Kaminari loves hamburgers. Himiko Toga liked red things, such as blood and pomegranates.

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Pomegranates are cultivated all over the world, and they are also known for having bright red juice that may look like blood. Himiko also enjoys real blood, whether seeing it or drinking it, since blood fuels her Quirk.

5 Why Does Himiko Have Gray Skin During The Provisional Hero License Exam?

MHA Himiko Toga As Cami

During the provisional hero license exam, Izuku ran into what he thought was Camie Utsushimi of Shiketsu High, but he was actually coming face to face with Himiko Toga, who had assumed Camie’s likeness. At one point, Himiko discarded Camie’s hero costume while remaining Camie’s appearance.

Himiko was totally nude at this point, but oddly, her body had pale gray skin except for her hands, feet, and head. This isn’t a part of her Quirk; it’s mild editing to downplay the character’s nudity.

4 Why Is Himiko So Fixated On Stain & Izuku?

It would be flattering for a girl to show so much interest in Izuku Midoriya, but Himiko’s affection comes with terrifying baggage. The moment Himiko laid eyes on Izuku in the forest training camp, she has been fixated on him and is determined to have alone time with him.

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Himiko loves the sight of bloody people, and Izuku was indeed bloodstained the first time Himiko saw him, giving a strong first impression. Before then, Himiko had been idolizing Stain the hero killer, since he too has a blood theme. Since then, Himiko has become genuinely curious to see what Izuku is really like.

3 What Personality Archetypes Describe Himiko Toga?

Often, the suffix “-dere” can be affixed to a term to describe a character, with “tsundere” being one of the most common. However, Himiko isn’t a tsundere, or a character who slowly shows their warm side over time. Instead, Himiko shows all her affection upfront, and excessively so. This makes her a yandere.

Such characters are known for their forceful personalities and mood swings. They obsess over a single person and aggressively attack any third party that intervenes, whether verbally or by force. Himiko is Izuku’s stalker, and she’ll stab anyone who tries to stop her. She’s a gruesome but accurate example of a yandere.

2 Does Himiko Toga Have Any Redeeming Qualities?

For the most part, Himiko Toga has no restraint and thinks only about herself and her own desires. She is happy only if she can chase after her love interest and drink their blood, but once in a while, Himiko actually does show kindness to others.

A fellow villain, the self-duplicating Twice, is suffering from serious mental strain, and Himiko rushed to his aid. She spoke soothing words to get him back into fighting shape and covered the exposed part of his head to keep him in check (Twice panics if he can see any part of his head).

1 Can Himiko Toga Duplicate The Quirks Of Her Targets?

It’s one thing to imitate the appearance of a target, but can Himiko also copy the Quirks of her targets the way Neito Monoma can? At first, the apparent answer was “no,” and that was a drawback of Himiko’s strategy. When she imitated Ochaco Uraraka to fool Izuku, she couldn’t use Ochaco’s Quirk, which was a total giveaway.

Later in the manga, though, this answer seemed to change. Himiko has actually started using the Quirks of the people she is copying, which addresses one of the few flaws of her fighting style. Now she is more dangerous than ever, but like Neito, she will probably never imitate One For All and make proper use of it.

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