The anime world is an incredibly vast place, and it is filled with hundreds of different stories that cover virtually every genre in existence. Many of these series became popular because they tell interesting, overarching stories, but those stories would have never succeeded if the characters were not compelling and relatable.

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Most anime characters possess some kind of special power or ability, and one of the most common powers is the ability to create, control, and manipulate fire. Fire is one of the strongest and most destructive forces on Earth, which is why it is commonly wielded by very powerful anime characters. Blue fire is a real thing, and in anime, it always burns hotter than ordinary fire. It is true that quite a few anime characters can manipulate fire, but only a small handful can use the blue variant.

10 Azula Is One Of The Avatar Franchise’s Strongest Fire Benders (Avatar: The Last Airbender)

Azula from avatar

Avatar: The Last Airbender has managed to get better with time, and one of the main reasons for this is the fact that it has multiple strong female characters like Azula. She may have been a sadistic manipulator who only cared about power, but she was still a Firebending prodigy.

She is still the only Firebender who could produce and manipulate blue flames, which are far more intense than the red and orange flames produced by every other firebender. She was able to use these flames like jets, but she could also form blades and destructive whirling disks.

9 Dabi Uses His Blue Flames To Hurt Pro Heroes (My Hero Academia)

My Hero Academia Dabi

There are a handful of Quirks in My Hero Academia that can potentially destroy the real world, and one of them belongs to the villain known as Dabi. His quirk is called Cremation, and it allows his body to create highly destructive blue flames.

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These flames can turn someone into ash very quickly, and Dabi has now mastered this power to the point that he can now control his flames from a fair distance away. This blue fire produces far more heat than normal fire, which is why even Dabi’s body will burn if the quirk remains active for too long.

8 Shippo Can Produce Blue Flames With His Foxfire (Inuyasha)

Shippo Fighting With Foxfire

Demon Slayer fans would be surprised to know that there are quite a few other anime demons who can defeat Muzan, but Shippo is definitely not one of them even with his blue flames. Shippo is a young Fox Demon from Inuyasha, and after avenging his father, he agrees to join Inuyasha and Kagome as they search for the Shikon Jewel.

Fox demons are not known for their fighting capabilities, and in fact, they mostly rely on their Fox Magic to produce illusions that can trick an enemy’s senses. Shippo may not be much of a fighter, but he can use his Foxfire to shoot out hot blue flames to help defend his friends from other forms of fire.

7 Yugito Can Produce Blue Flames Because She Is The Two-Tails’ Jinchuriki (Naruto)

Reanimated Yugito Vs Naruto & Killer B

Yugito may have not been one of the strongest ninja in Naruto, but she was still an extremely capable Jonin from the Hidden Cloud Village. When she was alive, Yugito proved that she was a fine strategist, and although she was a Cloud ninja, she was highly proficient with Fire Release.

She was also the Jinchuriki of Matatabi, otherwise known as the Two-Tails. Matatabi is a giant sentient cat creature made up entirely of chakra, and her entire body is comprised of blue flames. It is thanks to Matatabi that Yugito produces blue flames whenever she uses a Fire-Style Jutsu.

6 Starjun Uses His Blue Flames For Fighting & Cooking (Toriko)

Starjun Before & After Using His Blue Fire

There aren’t many anime chefs who can match Sanji’s skills in the kitchen, but Starjun might be one of the few who could actually challenge him. Starjun is a former sous-chef who now works as a Gourmet Hunter, and he is currently searching for a very rare ingredient.

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In Toriko, sous-chefs possess special abilities, and in Starjun’s case, he can control heat and fire with pyrokinesis. Thanks to this ability, Starjun is capable of setting his entire body on fire without sustaining any damage.

5 Cancer Manigoldo Can Summon Demonic Blue Flames When He Fights (Saint Seiya)

Cancer Manigoldo Taunting His Opponent

The Saint Seiya franchise has been around for more than two decades, and it constantly follows mystical warriors who have vowed to help the Goddess Athena as she tries to stop the Olympians from taking over Earth. Cancer Manigoldo is the Gold Saint of Cancer from the 1700s, and he is regarded as one of Athena’s strongest human representatives.

Manigoldo is an extremely talented fighter, and like other Saints, he has access to certain mystical powers. He is capable of summoning the Ignis Fatuus, which are blue flames that are hot enough to incinerate a person’s soul.

4 Rei Ogami Has Learned To Control The Azure Flames (Code:Breaker)

Rei Using The Azure Flame

Rei Ogami and his fellow Code:Numbers are members of a secret organization that takes down corrupt politicians, and each member possesses special powers. Rei started off as a Code:06, but he has since risen to the rank of Code:01.

Aside from enhanced strength, speed, reflexes, and endurance, Rei is a master swordsman who has learned to control the Azure Flames to the point that they can now cover his entire body. These blue flames represent the Seven Deadly Sins, and he uses them to judge evil.

3 Rin Okumura Possesses Blue Flames Because He Is Satan’s Biological Son (Blue Exorcist)

Rin Okumura-The Son Of Satan

Blue Exorcist follows Rin Okumura as he trains to become a Knight Meister who can defeat Satan. Rin is actually Satan’s biological son, and he has inherited his father’s ability to produce and control blue flames.

At first, Rin could not control these flames very well because his powers were sealed, but he has learned to control them as the series has progressed. He can now coat his entire body and sword with these flames. He can also unleash a torrent of flames through meditation, and he can cause a series of explosions with his Satan Bomb technique.

2 Bellion Is A Powerful Member Of The Demon Clan (Seven Deadly Sins)

Bellion Facing Meliodas

The Seven Deadly Sins is set in a world where fairies, giants, angels, and demons exist, and fans have seen quite a few powerful magical abilities as a result. The series’ first movie is called Prisoners of the Sky, and the main antagonist is a demon named Bellion.

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Like other high-ranking demons, Bellion possesses immense physical strength and regenerative capabilities. Unlike other demons though, he can control objects with his mind, and he can use an ability called, Death Burn to release an explosion of blue flames.

1 Marco The Pheonix Is One Of The Strongest Pirates Alive With Blue Flames That Heal (One Piece)

Marco At Marineford

Marco may not be one of Luffy’s closest friends, but he is certainly a powerful ally, and he happens to possess one of One Piece‘s strongest Zoan-type Devil Fruits. The Fruit allows Marco to partially or fully transform his body into a fiery blue phoenix.

These blue flames contain incredible healing properties, and as a result, Marco can heal almost any injury within a matter of seconds. Normal fire has no effect on Marco since his flames are hotter, and he can also use his fire to heal other people’s injuries as well.

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