In Fire Emblem: Three Houses, recruited characters have support conversations with other members of Byleth’s house. These conversations flesh out the backstories and develop the relationships between multiple characters. Although the students have great support conversations with each other, they have equally insightful, funny, and clever support conversations with the church staff as well.

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Most of the staff are a little older than the students, so they usually have some kind of wisdom to impart. However, their lessons are not always entirely successful. The staff also learn a lot from the students, learning to pursue their dreams or finding new ways to give back to the world.

10 Seteth Motivated Hilda To Be Less Lazy

Hilda And Seteth speak about making books

At first, Hilda did whatever she could to avoid Seteth, who would always find an embarrassingly roundabout way to tell her to stop being lazy. It didn’t work, so he told her a story that he wrote for Flayn, about a hardworking squirrel and a lazy fox who suffered since it didn’t gather anything for the winter.

Although Hilda initially brushed off the story as something cute, she motivated Seteth to write more stories for children, while she drew pictures to accompany them. In their shared ending, these stories were extremely beloved.

9 Bernadetta Only Fled From Seteth Once

Seteth and Bernadetta discuss their book's illustrations

Although this sounds entirely unimpressive, Bernadetta only ran from Seteth one time. It was not uncommon for her to run away from people, as she had a difficult time socializing with others.  Seteth seemed to know how to make her relax in later encounters, telling her stories about Saint Indech, who was similar to Bernadetta.

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Saint Indech was an accomplished man, and Seteth told her that it would be possible for her to achieve great things even if she kept to herself. The two eventually got married, but Bernadetta remained a recluse, which Seteth never seemed to mind.

8 Hanneman Told Edelgard Why He Was Obsessed With Crests

Edelgard and Hanneman talk about his sister

On the surface, Hanneman appeared to like Crests. He was constantly focused on his research and got excited whenever he discovered something new. Even Edelgard was initially wary of Hanneman, and dug into his past.

Hanneman didn’t seem to mind it, and confessed that his goal was to give everyone a Crest, which would have the same effect as Edelgard’s goal to do away with all Crests. He was only so devoted to his research because he didn’t want anyone to suffer like his sister did, who was married off in the hopes of bearing children with Crests.

7 Ferdinand Showered Manuela With The Praise She Deserved

Manuela thanks Ferdinand for his kind words

Manuela was used to having no luck with men, which was a frequent cause of her misery. When Ferdinand praised her singing skills in such a direct way, Manuela had a hard time believing the sincerity of his words.

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She believed that she was past her prime, and did not have the skills that she did years ago. However, it clearly touched her that he was so inspired by her song and sword dance, and the two were happily married right after he became a Duke.

6 Dimitri Actually Laughed At Alois’ Jokes

Dimitri laughs at a bad joke

Alois told jokes that were so terrible that they were often met with groans or stony silence. However, he managed to make Dimitri laugh, which shocked everyone who saw it.

Dimitri didn’t acknowledge the jokes as good, but stated that they were funny because they were so bad. Not knowing how to respond to Dimitri’s laughter, the other soldiers felt like they had no choice but to awkwardly join in.

5 Mercedes Helped Alois With His Fear Of Ghosts

Alois asks Mercedes not to tell too scary of a story

Alois went to Mercedes to ask her for help, as she was known for her ghost stories. He was terrified of ghosts, and wished to hear a few of her stories to get over his fear. At the beginning, he never felt mentally prepared, and would nearly faint before the stories were even complete.

However, he got better at handling his fear thanks to her stories, despite her slightly sadistic promises to find him scarier stories each time. In their shared ending, Alois was known as a fearless knight, thanks to her help.

4 Alois Tricked Leonie Into Inheriting Jeralt’s Debt

Leonie regrets becoming Jeralt's successor

Leonie would often approach Alois and ask him to tell her a story about Jeralt. She really admired Jeralt, and despite the fact that Jeralt did plenty of horrible things in the stories, her view of Jeralt never changed.

Alois buttered Leonie up until she agreed to be Jeralt’s successor, leading to Alois gleefully bestowing upon her the massive debt Jeralt owed to multiple bars. Alois had been paying for it for ages, so he was more than happy to make it someone else’s problem.

3 Shamir Taught Raphael How To Be More Sneaky

Raphael attempts breathing exercises

Raphael asked Shamir to teach him how to hide his presence the same way that she does. She told him that he had too much presence, and showed him a breathing exercise to help him conceal himself. He practiced what she taught him, but his breathing sounded like the ragged, desperate gasps of air of a fish above land.

He eventually managed to sneak up on her, which impressed her enough for her to take him with her on a scouting mission.

2 Ashe & Cyril Developed A Wholesome Friendship

Cyril finds Ashe after hearing he went missing

Cyril had a hard time accepting help from anyone, given that he felt that he had to work hard to earn his place at the monastery. Ashe insisted on helping him regardless, which Cyril discovered he was thankful for.

Ashe offered to be Cyril’s friend, and said that they would help each other. Cyril took this to heart, and grew to care for Ashe, enough to abandon his post when he heard that Ashe had gone missing.

1 Lysithea Taught Cyril How To Read

Lysithea tells Cyril she's bappy too

Lysithea was the type who wanted to prove that she was an adult capable of taking care of herself. She insisted on helping Cyril carry a log, but naturally, she failed at such a difficult task. She later learned that Cyril never learned how to read.

She gladly helped him, and Cyril made fast progress. He even wrote her a letter to thank her, which made her happy. Lysithea and Cyril enjoyed spending time together, to the point where they eventually got married after he became a soldier.

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