One of the many incredible things about the Pokémon franchise is that it’s always evolving. With hundreds of different Pokémon across 18 type categories, there’s an abundance of creatures to love.

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As the second rarest Pokémon type after Ice, Ghost-type Pokémon are hard to catch and known to be quite mischievous. They’re often associated with the afterlife or cemeteries, which only makes the Pokémon seem creepier. There are only fourteen pure Ghost-type Pokémon in the entire Pokédex so far, all with varying degrees of strength — and they’re all quite formidable in their own ways.

13 Duskull Resembles A Grim Reaper And Likes To Turn Invisible To Sneak Up On Its Prey

Duskull is known as the Requiem Pokémon and first appeared in the short Camp Pikachu. Duskull resembles a Grim Reaper with its black robe and big-eyed skull mask. It can also turn invisible to sneak up on its prey more easily.

With a base stat total of 295, it is the weakest of the pure Ghost-type Pokémon. However, its Defense and Special Defense stats are quite high, which is a good thing considering its base HP is very, very low.

12 Yamask Remembers Its Life As A Human And Gets Upset When Its Mask Is Taken Or Lost

Yamask floating in a room

The Spirit Pokémon Yamask is a Generation V Pokémon that holds a golden mask representing the face it had when it was human. As such, Yamask gets angry and upset when its mask is lost or taken from it.

Yamask has a total base stat of 303 and isn’t very strong. However, what it lacks in Attack stats, it makes up for with its high Defense stats. It also has an ability called Mummy, which turns an attacker into a mummy.

11 Sinistea Is A Lonely Spirit That Possesses A Cold Cup Of Tea

Sinistea is a lonely spirit that’s said to possess a cold cup of leftover tea. The swirl on its cup is Sinistea’s weakness: when it gets stirred, the swirl disappears and Sinistea becomes dizzy.

It has a base stat total of 308. All of its stats are pretty equal across the board, except for its Special Attack, which is a little higher. It also has the ability Cursed Body, which has a chance to disable a foe.

10 The Galarian Corsola Has Higher Base Stats That Its Dual-Type Water/Rock Counterpart

Corsola is a Generation II Pokémon that quite literally looks like a piece of coral. One of the interesting things about this Pokémon is that it’s normally a dual-type Water/Ground Pokémon. However, in the Galar region, it’s a pure Ghost-type Pokémon and actually has higher base stats than the Water/Ground variant.

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Galarian Corsola has a base stat total of 410, while its counterpart has a base stat total of 380. Similar to Sinistea, Galarian Corsola also has the Cursed Body ability.

9 Misdreavus Has Jewels Around Its Neck That Absorb Fear Used As Nourishment

Pokemon Misdreavus floating creepy

Misdreavus is a Generation II pure Ghost-type Pokémon with a body that resembles a ruffled dress. The gems around its neck are used to absorb fear around it. Misdreavus first debuted in the TV movie The Legend Of Thunder! and has a base stat total of 435.

Most of these stat points can be found in its Special Attack, Special Defense, and Speed categories. It also has an ability known as Levitate, which allows the Pokémon to be immune to Ground-type moves.

8 Banette Is A Marionette Pokémon That Keeps Its Life Force In Its Mouth

Banette is the Marionette Pokémon that debuted in the episode “Deceit and Assist!” This doll-like Pokémon is filled with pure hatred, as it was brought to life by a powerful grudge. It keeps its life force in its mouth, and if it opens its mouth, it loses its energy.

Banette has a base stat total of 455, with the majority of its points being in Attack and Special Attack. In addition, it also has the Cursed Body ability. It’s much tougher than its pre-evolution, Shuppet, which only has a base stat total of 295, the same as Duskull.

7 Dusclops Is A Generation III Pokemon That Can Absorb Anything Into Its Body

Dusclops Pokemon

Dusclops is the evolved form of Duskull. It has a round body and stubby legs, and it can absorb almost anything with its hollow body. With its hands, it can hypnotize people and get them to do whatever it wills.

It has a base stat total of 455, and most of its stats are in Defense and Special Defense. What’s interesting about this Pokémon is that it has the ability called Frisk, which allows for Dusclops to see what items a Pokemon has on them.

6 Cofagrigus The Coffin Pokémon Seals Bodies Inside Of Itself To Turn Foes Into Mummies

Cofagrigus pokemon anime

Cofagrigus is a Generation V Pokémon, the evolved form of Yamask. Cofagrigus has a body that resembles a coffin with arms and red eyes, and was first seen in the “Explorers Of The Hero’s Ruins!” episode.

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It’s said that Cofagrigus can seal the bodies of humans inside of it and turn them into mummies, much like how it uses the Mummy ability to turn other Pokémon into mummies. Cofagrigus has total base stats of 483, with its best stats being Defense, Special Defense, and Special Attack.

5 Mismagius Can Use Advanced Forms Of Incantations And Put People To Sleep

Fantina Mismagius

Mismagius, or the Magical Pokémon, is a Generation IV Pokémon that is the evolved form of Misdreavus. This purple Ghost-type Pokémon appears to be wearing a robe and has a witch’s hat on top of its head. It can use advanced incantations and can even put people to sleep.

This evolved Pokémon has a base stat total of 495, with the majority of its stats being in Special Attack, Special Defense, and Speed. Like its pre-evolved form, it also can use the Levitate ability.

4 Polteageist Is Made Of Black Tea That Causes Indigestion

Polteageist is known as the Black Tea Pokémon. It has a purple body that possesses a large teapot. It also is made of black tea, but can cause indigestion when consumed. One of the things that makes this Pokémon so interesting is that its form depends on what it was exposed to when it was evolving.

This Pokémon has total base stats of 508 with the majority of its stats being in Special Attack and Special Defense and it also makes the most of the Cursed Body ability.

3 Cursola Has An Ectoplasmic Body That Absorbs Spirit Energy

cursola and its unevolved form

The Coral Pokémon known as Cursola is a Generation VIII Pokémon. It has a pale coral exterior, but inside of this coral is where its ectoplasmic body can be found. This body can absorb the spirit energy of those around it.

Cursola has total base stats of 510 with its Special Attack and Special Defense having the highest rating. It also has the ability Perish Body, where once it has been hit with a contact move, both the foe and Cursola will faint in three turns.

2 Dusknoir Can Receive Transmissions From The Spirit World

Dusknoir From Pokemon

Dusknoir, the Gripper Pokémon, is a Generation IV Pokémon. It is also the evolved form of Dusclops and similarly resembles a cyclops. The antenna on its head allows it to receive transmissions from the spirit world. It’s unknown whether Dusknoir is controlled by these transmissions or whether it has its own free will.

Its total base stats are 525. The main portion of its stat points are in the Defense and Special Defense categories with its Attack points almost as high.

1 Spectrier Is A Legendary Equine Pokémon And The Strongest Pure Ghost-Type

Spectrier Pokemon

With total base stats of 580, Spectrier is the strongest of the pure Ghost-type Pokemon. This Legendary Pokémon debuted in Generation VIII and is known as the Swift Horse Pokémon. As it’s nocturnal, its eyesight is fairly weak.

Spectrier is a proud Pokémon that only serves the strongest, and it’s said that its kicks are capable of separating the soul from a body. It also has an ability called Grim Neigh, where it causes its foe to faint if they use a damaging move against it.

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